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Technical Slave 2

MandalMotors Pursuer Enforcement Ship

After escaping from the jaws of the sarlacc on Tatooine, bounty hunter Boba Fett vowed revenge on Han Solo. Solo would pay- and so would the Hutt crime clans, if Solo was delivered to them. As Fett recovered from the encounter, he set a plan into motion.

Slave 1 was in impound, but a new ship would help Fett keep a low profile until he actually confronted Solo. Fett picked out a MandalMotors Pursuer-Class patrol ship that was popular with Mandalorian police units because it was tough enough to handle pirates but had enough cargo space for standard policing duties. Using a false identity, Fett purchased the Slave 2 and began modifying his new prize for his hunt for Solo.

Slave 2 is essentially a heavy patrol craft with a superoir hull and powerful Torplex military-grade sheild generators. Dual Tion Mil/Sci Mil-StarIV engines propel the ship, while three Corellian Engineering x41 manuevering thrusters are mounted in the port-side stabilizer brace. The three thrusters can be individually directed and provide excellent performance, especially for a heavy patrol ship.

For weaponry, Slave 2 has forward-firing twin blaster cannons and an ion cannon turret. Fett, always a suspicious type, has a rear-firing proton-torpedo launcher with a magazine of six torpedoes- an unwelcome surprise for anyone who has decided to follow to closely. Like Slave 1, Slave 2 has a sophisticated sensor array system, although the ship at present lacks the stealth systems of Slave 1.

Rumors suggest that Boba Fett has placed five foce fiel-enclosed prisoner cages aboard Slave 2. Knowing that his prime taget's best friend is a wookiee, Fett probably also installed molecularly reinforced cell walls and gravitic restraints in his cells.

Fett encounted Solo on the smugglers' moon of Nar Shaddaa, and the Corellian and his companions barely escaped. Slave 2 jumped into hot pursuit of the fleeing Millenium Falcon (which had been secreted aboard Salla Zen's Starlight Intruder)> By cross-checking the Intruder's hyperspace vector, Fett was able to track Solo to the new Imperial capital of Byss. Slave 2 was severly damaged over Byss when Fett, attempting to follow the Falcon down to the planet's surface, smashed into the planetary sheild. The stabilizer bar was ripped off in the crash, and the ship was disabled. All things considered, Fett got off lightly- if Slave 2's shields had been down, the shield would have incinerated the ship. Rather then get the ship repaired, Fett has placed Slave 2 in drydock while retrieveing Slave 1 to continue his pursuit of Han Solo.

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