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Frequently Asked Questions
About Boba Fett

General Questions

  • How did Boba Fett escape the Sarlacc?
  • Why is Boba Fett's helmet antennah flipped in Return of the Jedi?
  • How old is Boba Fett?
  • What happened to dent Boba Fett's helmet?
  • Has Boba Fett ever been seen unmasked?
  • What was Boba's first appearance?
  • Is Boba Fett a human?
  • How many lines does Boba Fett have in the Star Wars trilogy?
  • What books are Boba Fett in?

Serious Geeking

  • What are Boba Fett's color schemes?
  • What are Slave I and II? What weapons do they have?
  • Did Boba Fett ever settle down and have a family?
  • What are other names that Boba Fett has been called?
  • How did Boba Fett lose his helmet in Dark Empire II?
  • How did Boba Fett first get involved with Solo and what is their story?
  • Is it true that Boba Fett saved Luke Skywalker's life?
  • What happened in Boba Fett's early life?
  • What are some of Boba Fett's more famous "captures"?
  • What all weapons and gadgets does Boba Fett have on his suit?
  • Was Boba Fett always called Boba Fett?
  • After delivering Han to Jabba, what title was bestowed on Boba Fett?

Behind the Scenes

  • What does George Lucas think about Boba Fett's popularity? Does he think Boba Fett is still alive?
  • Where did the designs for Boba Fett and Slave I come from?
  • Does the name "Boba Fett" mean anything in another language?

Other Characters

  • Who are Jodo Kast, Fenn Shysha, and Tobi Dala?
  • Who is the oldest ancestor of Boba Fett?
  • Who are the Mandalorian Warriors? Do they have any stories?
  • Who else has worn Mandalorian armor?

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