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JC Fett suggests for "Empire" Boba Fett:

Flynn O'Connor suggests:

Don't be afraid to show it off! I have worked movie openings (the Special Editions) in trade for various things. I have worked various Collector shows. If you've ever been to Auston's Palmer auditorium during the Annual Sci/Fi Toy and comic shows, you've seen me. I met Jeremy Bulloch there, along with the rest of the "Men Behind The Masks." Wear it to halloween parties, costume contests, etc. I wore it on Austin's 6th street (if you don't know, don't worry about it...) and was cheered on by hundreds of people. Every few steps was I heard a yell of "It's BOBA FETT!!!"

Most importantly, remember, it's all about characterization! Watch Boba Fett, how he carries himself. He moves like someone you don't want to mess with. He's confident, yet somewhat pantheric, almost serpentine. His strides are long and slow, his steps sharp and precise. His head movements are slow but calculated. I spoke to Jeremy Bulloch at length on acting and it is hard to characterize through all that armor, but it can be done. That what makes the character so good. Think the cockiness of Han Solo, but darker. Think the confidence of Lando, but slower. Think Shakespeare's MacDuff in MacBeth, but more calculated. Why MacDuff? Why, Bulloch has played the part more than once and enjoys Shakespeare. (OK, and so have I.) But if you have a great outfit and wear it like a clown suit, it's just not going to work!

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