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Step-by-Step Boba Fett and Mando Costume Guide

Visual References

Photo Album: Boba Fett's Boots

Photo Album: Boba Fett's Midsection

Photo Album: Boba Fett's Knees

Album is part of a thorough cataloguing effort of everything Boba Fett. Much of the costume assets are exclusively archived at The Boba Fett Fan Club with permission from one of the original host sites, "The Mandalorian Blueprints" curated by Jayse. To contribute more assets to the gallery, please contact us.

Tips from the Pros

Table of Contents: Pants • Belts and Hip Packs • Knee Pads • Cod Piece • Boots


  • Jumpsuit or Jumpsuit Bottom Half
    Pockets on thighs can be made from the same fabric as the hip flaps. Make them two 5' x 6', or so, rectangles. Sew them onto the left and right thigh.

Shin Pouches (Guards)

  • Soccer Skin Guards. COST: $5-20
    You can make these buy sewing Grey cloth over a pair of soccer shin guards and inserting strangely painted pieces of sheet metal.

Belts and Hip Flaps

  • Hip Packs
    Three black 100 round speedloader hip packs.
  • Belts. COST: $10-30
    Two on a black Army Webbing Belt. You can get these at Paintball Retail Shops and Paintball Fields.
  • You may also wish to make another belt with two flaps of grey fabric running over each hip. Two squares one foot by one foot, one over each hip, will do.

Knee Pads

  • Rollerblading Pads. COST: $5-10
    Knee Pads can be made by buying yellow knee pads or buy painting them yellow. You may also wish to attach two spent CO2 cartridges on each to make the dart launchers. Paint them Silver.

Cod Piece

  • Sheet Metal. COST: Price Will Vary
    File down the metal. Paint the same way as the chest armor.
  • Cloth. COST: $2-5
    A safer alternative to metal. Just cut out a U shaped flap of green cloth and attach it to the belt that the hip flaps are on with velcro.


  • Grey or Black Boots. COST: $10-120



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