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Gallery / Eric Neely

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I made this costume on a limited budget, as I was, ahem... between jobs. However, that gave me lots and lots of time to devote to "being Boba Fett." The helmet is a Don Post mask that I heavily modified, by replacing the visor and adding aluminum tape here and there to create the wear and tear effects. I purchased the raw gauntlets from Mark Bradley's home page. I painted and added to them. Plus, they were too small, so I had to add about an inch to each gauntlet just so that I could get my hands in them. I used sintra (sentra?) for all the armor. I loved the stuff. It was easy to mold and paint. I got it from a sign making shop, and it was $25 for a 3 ft X 9 ft piece... which was more than enough. The belt is made of Vinyl and the jumpsuit is an old painters suit. I was going for the Return of the Jedi version of Fett, and I think it turned out fairly well. I'm trying to refine the costume even more (adding a jetpack), as I will be wearing it to the Episode I premiere. All told, the costume probably set me back about $300 (including buying a $60 Dremel tool).

Contribute. Collaborating on how you create the costume and/or the stories of becoming Boba Fett are encouraged in addition to your submission.