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Gallery / Scott Goldberg

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"I pretty much followed the instructions on this web site. I bought the Lucasfilm Archives Helmet Replica ($1000) at a local Halloween shop, and started from there. Next I started construction of the armor. I had my brother free hand the correct shapes to my dimensions on a white undershirt, and from there I traced the patterns onto the galvanized sheet metal (All the sheet metal costs $25). I painted the armor according to the instructions, and the results were great! Next I had to find the jump suit, which was probably the easiest part of the costume. I found it at a local Army/Navy surplus store (10 bucks!). I also bought the military mesh belt, ammo pouches, and military flight gloves there ($40). For the cape, I used this velvet like material that looked really cool! ($9 a yard, 2 yards). For the boots, I just used my OLD dirt bike riding boots, but they looked pretty good! And finally the gun was just an old paintball gun that I had, and thought that it would make a nice addition. Unfortunately no jetpack this year! Not enough time or funds. Next year I plan to make the jetpack, and make better gauntlets, I don't like the way these turned out. The total project set me back about $1200."

Contribute. Collaborating on how you create the costume and/or the stories of becoming Boba Fett are encouraged in addition to your submission.