For fans and spectators of the phenomenon behind Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Since 1996.

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Gallery / Mike Glover

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"With the recent spurt of Boba Fett costumes, I decided to go the opposite route. I portray Fett's arch-nemesis, Jodo Kast. The details on this suit are different in several aspects. The addition of more yellow details, a side-arm holster, and new chest symbol/rank on the right breast. I hope many others follow in this great tradition of customizing their own costumes. I molded the chest piece, knees, and shoulder bells. Mark Bradley supplied the codpiece, jetpack, and gauntlets."

Contribute. Collaborating on how you create the costume and/or the stories of becoming Boba Fett are encouraged in addition to your submission.