For fans and spectators of the phenomenon behind Boba Fett, the bounty hunter from George Lucas' Star Wars saga. Since 1996.

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Gallery / Floyd Fox

Contact costumer.

"I made this costume for the 98' TennCon roleplaying convention in Knoxville. I won Best Male Sci-Fi costume. I bought the helmet but made everything else myself. I decided to go with a black jumpsuit to make the costume look more dark and sinister looking and to resemble my character in the Star Wars roleplaying game. The jumpsuit is actually a black flight suit I bought from an army surplus store. The chest and shoulder plates are made from colored aluminum plates which I pop-rivited to a cut sweet shirt. Adding in a little sewing, painting, glueing, and some vinyl decals I made where I work (Budget Signs) and my costume was complete."

Contribute. Collaborating on how you create the costume and/or the stories of becoming Boba Fett are encouraged in addition to your submission.