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Gallery / Fernando da Rosa

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The jetpack and wrist gauntlets are the production of Mark Bradley, "Build Your Own Boba Fett", the Helmet is a Don Post Studios Deluxe (which might I add is personally autographed by Jeremy Bulloch), the boots are the creation of galaxy trading while the rest is homemade. The armor is vacuum-formed Sintra as explained on "Build Your Own Stormtrooper". The jumpsuit and vest I made from a combination of patterns. And the pouch belt is vinyl glued to wooden blocks to maintain their shape. In two of the pictures I am seen at a show in New York City with Jeremy Bulloch. I am not going to say that he said my costume was any number better than anyone else’s, but I will say that while speaking backstage he only mentioned an individual in Australia as being the best he'd ever seen. He did comment on the authenticity of the boots though, so anyone really interested should visit to finish off their costume. He said that he hadn't seen boots so well replicated before.

I have appeared at five New York area sci-fi shows and two theaters for the opening of Episode I as well as appearing on stage with Jeremy Bulloch.

Contribute. Collaborating on how you create the costume and/or the stories of becoming Boba Fett are encouraged in addition to your submission.