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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #9

122 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 Tetris did you clone my battle armor to pass off as me? Tetris Fett of Mandalore 10/04/2014
1 When you wish you were dead.... call your stunt double!!! shogran 10/25/2006
1 Boba Fett: why do you have this gun growing out of your head?
Fake Boba: An accident involving a cloning plant and a gun factory ...i don't like to talk about it.. Awww, don't touch it man!
annon 10/25/2006
1 "Does Jabba the Hutt LOOK like a nerfhearder?"
"Say 'What' again, Bamfaboy! Say it again!"
Harsh of Indiana, USA 10/24/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: Wait, can you repeat that? Your speech bubble got cut off... Fett fan 10/22/2006
1 halloween is over boba 10/21/2006
1 Boba:That helmet looks exactly like mine!Where did you get it?
Boba:I got mine at Target for 200,000,000 credits.
Kast:I got mine for 300.
Boba:You little...
Dengar Fett of Carbondale,Pensylvania 10/20/2006
1 Damn you Dengar! You can't be me. fett of Carbondale,PA 10/18/2006
1 I know what yer thinking did he use the whole battery or is this the situation where he gets to fire forever without reloading? Well the truth is I'm not so sure myself. The question is do you feel lucky punk! Gavitron 10/18/2006
1 Boba: Say hello to my little friend.
Fake Boba: Wrong movie, moron.
RArenas 10/15/2006
1 Santa don't do it mitch of albany,oregon 10/15/2006
1 Note to self* NEVER give grandma fett coffee! Griffin of IL 10/15/2006
1 damn, i didnt even get a chance to make a clone yet kelly of louisville 10/14/2006
1 Real Boba: Give me back the speeder and we'll call it even Mando Girl 10/11/2006
2Editor's Pick "Good Boba, Bad Boba...I'm the one with the gun." Harsh of Indiana 10/10/2006
1 Do you ever feel like, your being watched? fett 10/10/2006
1 Boba: Guess what's cold and black aimed at your head.
Jodo: Um, no don't tell me,
um, a flashlight?
Boba: You're a moron.
Braugus Fett of Clermont, FL 10/10/2006
1 ...Drop the cookies... Loki The Stampede 10/09/2006
1 If I EVER catch you touching my Boba Fett action figure (with JETPACK ACTION) I will shoot you Fanboy Fetty of Indihoma 10/08/2006
1 Boba: Before I kill you can I ask something?
Evil universe Boba: Do I have a say?
Boba: No.
Evil universe Boba: Go ahead.
Boba: you have a goatee under that helmet don't you?
Evil universe Boba:

Adam of Edmonton, Alberta 10/07/2006
1 now that my gun is in the back of MY head, its quite annoying Griffin of IL 10/06/2006
2Editor's Pick It was really weird when I turned out to be the only girl dressed as Boba Fett. Once I took off my helmet twas quite a gasp! Harleen 10/05/2006
1 Stupid wind, I hate the wind, whispering, breaking a twig, coming up behind me, breathing... really.... heavy.... Enforcer of Santa Maria, California 10/04/2006
1 Boba: Dude! there is this HUGE bug on you helmet!
Boba: dont worry dude! hold still
Jodo: What! how are you going to get it off!
Boba: Simple, I'm going to shoot it!
Jodo: O ok..... WAIT!!!
Boba: .... opps
Arc Fett 10/03/2006
1 Time for TK! jim of new york 10/03/2006
1 Leggo my eggo sha'buir!! MandoSniper of NY 10/02/2006
1 i love bobo a feat i wont to be him my holly life jonah of canada 10/02/2006
1 Freeze! or I'll...shoot you with a inflatable version of myself? Hey who changed my cartridge! Brandon of mass 10/01/2006
1 This is my BOOMSTICK!!! Zach 10/01/2006
1 Boba Fetts the Kooolest!!!!!!!!!!! charley of lubbock 10/01/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: You know what the ironic thing about this situation is Jim?
Jim: What Boba?
Boba: I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.
jim of new york 10/01/2006
1 I would shoot...but your have too good of taste in the people you copy!! Kirsten 09/30/2006
1 ...Nice suite...*BANG**SPLAT*...not as nice as mine poster (765) Ket for Fett 09/30/2006
1 I'm on the Hunt! Jar Jar Fett 09/29/2006
1 For fett sake man! Quit dressing up like me or i'm gonna kill you Jodo, ok? Dooky of United Kingdom 09/28/2006
2Editor's Pick Rememeber, if you go to a Star Wars convention, don't get mad if your not the only guy dressed like Boba Fett. Adam 09/27/2006
1 we all know the only reason this happend is cause i aint wearing my lucky wookie braids Reggie Bush of Fl 09/27/2006
1 i will ask one more time.....where is waldo?! Cole of kenai, Alaska 09/26/2006
1 Boba Fett's talking to himself again... Belton 09/26/2006
1 Han shot first DAMMIT! Person 09/25/2006
1 You dropped your chocholate in my peanut butter! Seth of Brundidge, Alabama, USA 09/24/2006
1 "If I had died in the Sarlaac, I wouldn't be killing off cosplayers. Never trust George Lucas." 09/22/2006
1 Stupid Clones! Gino Deleo of Bayside,Queens,NY 09/22/2006
1 Ttef: And now my brother, it is time to DIE!

Fett: Wait, I think my bootlace is untied. I've got an itch on my back I can't scratch, I can't see a thing in this helmet, and this suit rides up in the crotch!

Ttef: Right... So, see you at the reunion dinner?

Fett: See you there.
Sean Wellington of Shelton, CT 09/21/2006
1 Hmmm...this raises some serious existintialist questions! What do you say when you meet yourself...hmm....I know! How about "DIE YOU IMPOSTOR!" *BLAM!* Ahh...that's better. McGruff 09/21/2006
2Editor's Pick Kast: Ah! This new massager works wonders!
Fett: Hurry it up. It's my turn next, and I haven't got all day!
Mando Girl of Mandalore 09/21/2006
1 I'm so damn good I can even sneak up on myself! Ha!! I never even saw me coming!!! James J Hoffman of Fort Smith, Arkansas 09/21/2006
1 *sings in high falsetto* "I'm looking at the mandalorian in the mirror." Trevor 09/20/2006
1 Give me your lunch money! DaGangstaMan of US MO 09/19/2006
2Editor's Pick Another? You Boba Fett fan club members get crazier every day. very annoyed person 09/18/2006
1 Fett: What does Boba Fett look like?
Kast: What?
Fett: What country you from?!
Kast: W..what?
Fett: What ain't no country I ever heard of! Do they speak Basic in What?!
Kast: What?
Fett: Basic mother****er do you speak it?!!
Kast: Y..yes.
Fett: Then you understand what I'm saying?!
Kast: Yes!
Fett: Describe what Boba Fett looks like!
Kast: Wwhat?
Fett: Say what again! Say what again, I dare you I double dare you mother****er say what one more goddamn time!
Kast: He's got a T shaped visor.
Fett: Go on!
Kast: He's wears Mandalorian armor.
Fett: Does he look like a bitch?
Kast: What?
Guy 09/18/2006
1 get down mr president 09/18/2006
1 If you're me, then who the hell am I. And if I don't know who the hell I am, then why the hell do i think you look like me?? HOLY SHIT IM CONFUSED!!!! Devin Heinle of sidney mt 09/17/2006
1 Freeze you have a bounty on your head fake! you are worth more dead.

No i am worth more alive

too bad
chance of fl 09/17/2006
2Editor's Pick Double the Trouble Leia Alidama 09/16/2006
1 I've tried to be calm, I've tried to be nice, but now I have to get mean. WHERE!!!!
IS!!!! WALDO!?!?!?!
Nara 09/16/2006
1 Jodo: i woder where I left my keys. Maybe this nice man behind me will help me find them. draco fett 09/16/2006
1 How dare you see episode III and not even invite me. A random Bounty Hunters 09/14/2006
1 Alright get on the ground or ill shoot.

But doesn't that mean you die too?

Your right how could I have overlooked!!!
Anonymous 09/14/2006
1 Fett: wearing my armor replica doesn't gives you the right to live! lucas DBC of Mexico 09/13/2006
1 Die now, imposter! Muahahahahahahaha! Fear my wrath and go to Star Wars Hell!!!!!!!!! I laugh at your iminent doom! Okay, now it gets boring. Oh, what the hell, I'll shoot him. Kina Fett of Fett City, Kamino 09/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Are you as confused as I am? Pat Shiner of Cleona, PA 09/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: Guess who.
Jodo: Wait, wait don't tell me. Um, hmmm. Princess Leia?
boba fett 09/11/2006
1 If I didn't know any better I would have thought you were my clone! DaGangstaMan of US MO 09/11/2006
1 If you take the last cookie one more time.... Alyin Vel 09/10/2006
1 Boba: Don't move clone!
Fake Boba: Why did you assume im a clone?
Boba: Hmm.. An entire army cloned from my 'Father's' genetic make up and your trying to pass yourself off as me.....Go Figure!!
Powelly of Leeds, UK 09/10/2006
1 I thought I told you to stay in the mirror! Jon Wagner 09/10/2006
1 I want to know where Waldo is and YOU ARE GONNA TELL ME! Chet 09/08/2006
2Editor's Pick Okay Morrison this is the REAL Boba Fett. You tell Lucas to re-edit the original trilogy and GIVE ME MY OLD VOICE BACK! Ryan 09/08/2006
1 HA! the jokes on you!!! you dont know who is who, so you cant kill me without possibly killing your self!! HHAHAHAHAHAHA-BLAM!!!!!! djchicken of austin tx 09/08/2006
2Editor's Pick Hmm, maybe cloning myself again wasn't such a good idea after all. the french canadian 09/07/2006
1 Boba: guess who!!! 09/06/2006
1 Jodo: Hey man, you know that you are point a blaster to my head right?
Boba: Yeah I know. But this is the big thing on your head that I'm going to blow away.
Jodo: O Ok blast away then.... NO WAI BANG
Boba:What a loser.
ARC Fett 09/05/2006
1 Not all people in Mandalorian armor are as badass as Boba Fett! jnwgnr of NY 09/04/2006
1 boba- baby I love you so please dont divource me or ill kill you Bobas wife- o-o okay...(gunfire) bobas wife- AHHH! pimp daddy dawg 09/04/2006
1 Boba: Do you feel lucky punk..? RCS of - 09/03/2006
1 I....killed...MUFASSA!!!! mandaloriansrule of Washington 09/03/2006
2Editor's Pick GIMME MY SUIT BACK FANBOY!! Cyber Fett of Louisville ky 09/03/2006
1 "When I say put your beer on a coaster, I mean it!!!" OldMan of austin tx 09/02/2006
1 Boba: now go tell Lucas to make an Ewok free "return of the jedi" ON DV 08/31/2006
1 Imposter: Hey, did i tell you that you've got to be the best bounty hunter iv'e ever heard of? 08/31/2006
1 "This galaxy aint big enough for the two of us, Buster!" CloneCommander04 of Petersburg MI 08/31/2006
1 * Kast * Nooooo, Don't kill me.
* Boba * We'll there is some good news.
* Kast * .....
* Boba * I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by swiching to Geico.
* Kast * ??????!!!!!!
1 Gotcha!I knew you stole my good suit! That...fits. Hand it over and I wont blow you brains out! And make it snappy! This thing really rides up! of Ohio 08/28/2006
1 Who gets the laast slice of pizza now? 08/28/2006
1 Down in front. of farmington, ny 08/19/2006
1 viva los mandalorians viva los mandalorians of Pomona, CA 08/17/2006
1 Ahhhh, yeh, thats the spot. Jamie of Engalnd 08/15/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: Drop the candy and no one gets hurt! Mando Girl 08/15/2006
1 You have to ask yourself. "Did he fire 4,999 or did he fire 5,000 times? Do you feel lucky punk? Bill Singer of Chicago, IL 08/15/2006
1 Is this the right thing to do?

Oh what the heck! I'll shoot him anyway!
Boba Fett of Tipoca City, Kamino 08/15/2006
1 I've told you to restock the toilet paper for the last time! MandoSniper of NY 08/15/2006
2Editor's Pick Meet Boba Fett: yet another victim of identity theft Snazlewax of Phoenix 08/15/2006
1 Do I really look that fat? Dash of Alameda, CA 08/15/2006
2Editor's Pick So you're the one who started! Hank of ohio 08/13/2006
1 What you do when there is a price on your head Hank Cole of Findlay, Ohio 08/13/2006
1 I told them not to give the clones any ideas. stuart 08/13/2006
1 Boba: I have been hearing alot about you, you imposter.
Jodo Kast: Oh yeah well about that-
Boba: I dont care what you have to say!
Jodo Kast: I am sorry Boba Fett.
Boba: I forgive you! You want some pizza or something?
Jodo Kast: Can we have cheese pizza?
Boba: Sure..
Jodo Kast: ALL RIGHT!
Boba Dude 08/13/2006
1 Ahhh That money I owe you? I can have it a week next Tuesday....... twizzle of norfolk/uk 08/13/2006
2Editor's Pick Victim of Boba- You love me. It's obvious, you can't hide the feelings forever baby.
Boba- Your right babe, I'm sorry.
Steven Green of smithville missouri 08/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba: Time to die, good lookin'. brett 08/12/2006
1 How do you like your brains cooked: sunny side up or scrambled? Sylux 08/12/2006
1 You're not the real me! I'm the real me
Mara Jade 08/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Good, bad, he's the one with the gun. Pointed at your head. Random Mando 08/12/2006
1 Boba Fett: Well, well. Now I have you Kast! Anything you need to say before I kill you?
Jodo Kast: *whispers* jetpacks activate...
Kast's Helmet: JETPACK ACTIVATION IN 10 SECONDS!! 10, 9, 8...
Jodo Kast: Ah, slag...
Slovok of McAllen, TX 08/11/2006
1 Hehe. Nice shoes. Boba Fan 08/11/2006
1 This galaxy ain't big enough for two Mandalorians... Sylux 08/11/2006
1 Please don't hurt me! I've got a family to feed!! Anonymous 08/11/2006
1 Jodo Kast thinking: I have to go to the bathroom and Boba Fett has a gun to my poser head. Great. Just great. Atinvod 08/11/2006
2Editor's Pick OK, OK... I will put the cookies back!. Aaron stewart of roseville MI 08/11/2006
1 Boba: Alright, bub....what happened to the last cookie in the cookie jar?!? True Warrior/ Dino of MD, US 08/10/2006
2Editor's Pick You're about to be "it". DaGangstaMan of MO 08/10/2006
1 Hmm, I wonder where I left my keys. Maybe this friendly man behind me will help me look for them. draco fett 08/10/2006
1 Now don't you ever, EVER leave the seat up again! therealmccoy of Atlanta, GA 08/10/2006
1 OK... I will put the cookies back!!! aaron of michigan 08/10/2006
1 "Oh, I guess its me thats the imposter..... I think.... Or am I the real one?"

"Shut up before you get ME confused!"
Cecilia 08/10/2006
2Editor's Pick Um, does it matter that I am just a robot? Randall Boggs of New Orleans, Louisiana 08/10/2006
2Editor's Pick I've got me now! Boba Fan 08/10/2006
1 Mandalorian Boot Camp:
"Thats it soldier, I told you if you forgot your jetpack one more time I'd kill you. Now your gonna have to die."
Justin of NY 08/10/2006
1 Boba: I just gotta ask myself, do i feel lucky? well do i? punk! tom hudson of hull, uk 08/10/2006
1 Kast: Oh Shoot... No wait!
Fetterthanyou of NJ 08/10/2006