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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #7

46 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 i think i'll sneak up behind the jedi, then take of blind man and walking carpet. what's the worse that could happen? Trace 05/30/2006
1 i have a bad feeling about the blind guy.... Trace 05/30/2006
2Editor's Pick Dang it! I left my iPod inside! Trace 05/30/2006
1 This is for the rancor! Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Trace 05/30/2006
2Editor's Pick Oh yeah, time to impress the dance girls with my awesome jedi whooping skills... Trace 06/01/2006
1 Time to teach that Jedi scum some respect! Trace 06/01/2006
1 I wonder what happens if a Sarlacc eats a lightsaber...let's find out! Trace 06/01/2006
1 Geez Jabba's henchmen are getting owned by that Jedi usual, it is up to me, the great Boba Fett, to get the job done. I have a bad feeling about that bird thing in the sand though... Trace 06/01/2006
1 ( Boba thinking )- If i shoot my missile at them from here, they'll probably die... but if I jump, i'll impress the ladies. hmmm.....i think I'll jump! Trace 06/01/2006
1 Mmmmm... Pie. Tak 05/22/2006
1 Look at that Jedi scum. Thinks he's all that with his little lightsaber. My grandma could wield a lightsaber better than that Skywalker guy! Sylux 06/13/2006
1 Where's my iPod when i need it? oh yeah i dropped it in the rancor pit. Darn this is all Skywalker's fault. For my iPod! Sylux 06/13/2006
1 Dad always told me to stay away from lightsabers, but if i jump next to Skywalker, all the chicks at Jabba's palace will be impressed....hmmm..... Sylux 06/13/2006
1 ( Boba pulls out his iPod) Oops! wrong pocket. ( reaches in other pocket and pull's out his ee3 rifle) Say hello to my little friend! Sylux 06/13/2006
1 Hasta La Vista, Baby....... Sylux 06/13/2006
1 Why is Han Solo mooning me? stuart of brooks alberta 05/20/2006
2Editor's Pick What do you mean it will eat me? steven 06/09/2006
2Editor's Pick I need a bigger screen to fit my entire helmet. someone of MA 05/29/2006
1 "i just din't understand how flying squirrels fly without jetpacks.." oh, yeah...focus! scott templin of frazeysburg, ohio 06/09/2006
1 I have a bad feeeling about this. R. Arenas 05/23/2006
2Editor's Pick Rocket across the Sarlacc Pit? What if I don't survive? I'm worth a lot to me. R. Arenas 05/31/2006
1 *looking and thinking* dang what the hell does everyone see in that leia chick psychobo1 of irvine 06/18/2006
1 no one ever sees the kool-aid man...until it's too late matt of farmington, ny 05/30/2006
1 COME BACK YOU CRAZY KIDS!!!! Mando Girl 05/28/2006
2Editor's Pick Hey?!? Where's my speederbike? Mando Girl 06/02/2006
1 "There you are, you filthy scumbag. Ready or not, here I come!" -Boba Fett MandalorianSpy9 of .......unknown........ 05/22/2006
1 I hope I don't fall into that thing... Lance of FL 05/25/2006
1 Hey, where's the road? [echoing] Road, road, road, road. [normal] Road. Road. Road. Road. Ro-- sorry. Joshua of Blaine, TN 05/30/2006
1 As we gazed deeply into each others eyes... Jesse Fett of Alberta 05/22/2006
1 Great. Now I have to change my suit to match the sand. iamnotaidiot of NY 05/22/2006
1 should i jump? Sure whats the worst that could happen? hunter man4 05/25/2006
1 THAT BETTER NOT BE MY CADILLAC ON FIRE!!! Humorbot5 05/20/2006
1 Boba: OH NO! MY SUIT CAN'T BE IN THE SUN THIS LONG! Which I guess is why I stay in Jabba's Palace for so long. Griffin M. of IL 05/22/2006
1 Now wait just a minute! Since when does the Sarlacc have a beak??? fairyblood 05/22/2006
1 Boba whispering: I see Sarlacc and it doesn't like me. DrappaSiren 05/25/2006
1 I see dead people... draco fett 05/29/2006
1 Boba pulls out a chaingun,
"Oh Han, I'm coming for you!"
darth fett 05/30/2006
1 Man, I Look Good! Commander Idiot 05/26/2006
1 Hehe, with Solo blind, he is absolutely no threat to me now! Buba Fatt 06/14/2006
1 Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! brett 05/24/2006
1 Boba: I go to sleep for five minutes and the prisoners go crazy. I wonder what Jabba would do without me. Boba Fett Freak 05/20/2006
1 BRIGHT LIGHTS!!!! BRIGHT LIGHTS!!! Boba Fett Freak 05/25/2006
1 Geez I hope that ripping sound wasn't the seat of my pants tearing... BFFC-Mel 05/26/2006
2Editor's Pick It's a good thing that my fans don't know that everything below my shoulders is a green screen... Atinvod 06/12/2006
1 What are you staring at? Assyria T 06/16/2006
2Editor's Pick With all this heat, my helmet is all foggy. I can't see anyth... ohh wait! There's that Jedi dude with Solo. Arkhael 06/18/2006