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Boba Fett Caption Contest #31

59 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

Image #31 - Caption Goes Here

Photo by James Clarke featuring "a slight disagreement" with Austin Polifka (Boba Fett) and Brent Borron (Stormtrooper).

Our latest contest — sponsored by Mimobotended Oct. 08, 2014 12:00 PST • Winner Announced Soon!

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Rules Shipping only within the United States. Do not copy other people's captions. Submitting multiples of the same caption will be deleted. Captions must be OK for all audiences. You can add more than one caption with your valid e-mail address. Updates below are not in real time. Upon us e-mailing a winner, you have 5 days to reply (with a shipping address) before we pull another winner. We reserve the right to delete any submissions that do not follow these rules.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick So he says, "No disintegrations!" And I'm thinking, "Does he know who the hell he's talking to?" John Strangeway 10/08/2014
1 I thought I told you that Slave I's bathroom was off limits for doing number 2!!!! Jeremy Coldwell 10/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Tell me the truth! Do you think Disney can honestly pull this off? Brian DePasquale of Park Forest 10/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I don't care how good it would look as a coffee table! Solo in carbonite is gonna hang on the wall. robert van trease of Sylvania 10/08/2014
1 It was you wasn't it? You left the carbon freezer door open on my ship AGAIN, didn't you? Ryan Miller 10/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I'm not in it for the screen time. I do it to for the thrill of catching rebel scum like Han. Genevieve Walker 10/08/2014
1 Silent, but violent! Robbie Mar 10/08/2014
1 "Pull my finger." "...I don't think so sir." "C'mon do it" *snickering under helmet* Joseph Lutovsky of Fargo 10/08/2014
1 Listen here mate, you may have trouble in your armour but not giving me the location to the nearest toilet will result in your death!! Kieron Marriner 10/02/2014
1 Does this smell like Bantha to you? David 10/01/2014
1 Hey Mouseface! John of Folkestone 10/01/2014
1 "Pull my finger..." Steve Williams of Apex 10/01/2014
1 Lord Vader is coming, pull my finger! Brandon Straight of Lincoln 10/01/2014
1 Say no disintegration's again! I dare you, I double dare you motherf*****r, say what one more Goddamn time! Matt Sommers of Riverside 10/01/2014
1 The helmets don't change anything. It's "whoever smelt it, dealt it." Got it? Good. Wayne of Ashburn 09/16/2014
1 Don't tell me what to do do as I say..... Moe Shepp of Warner Robins 09/15/2014
2Editor's Pick The best part of you was removed by the Kaminoans during the cloning process. Scab. Patrick Euglow of millville 09/01/2014
2Editor's Pick Don't you dare tell anyone that I've only captured the stunt doubles. Jeff kroll of mequon, wi 08/28/2014
1 No disintegrations set lasers to stun Chase Livingston of Pensacola 08/21/2014
1 are we brothers? because you look like me Francisco Ortiz of apple valley 08/19/2014
1 Dad said, "Be home by 10, I don't intend to make him angry." Stephen Armbrust of Houston 08/19/2014
2Editor's Pick I will disintegrate who I want to disintegrate! Tanner Smith 08/19/2014
2Editor's Pick And don't ever mention the Holiday Special again! BobaGruber of Portlaoise 08/18/2014
1 I am going to ask you one more time, "WHERE DID YOU HIDE THE CHOCOLATE?" Carlson 08/14/2014
1 Stop fooling around with those jedi mind tricks. There turning your mind into Bantha Fodder. Next thing you know, you'll be all scruffy looking, and herding nerf. Jeff kroll of Mequon 08/13/2014
1 You see this? Miss again and I'll show this finger has more skill than your whole miserable existence. I'll even do it for free. Cheyenne 08/09/2014
1 Watch your back, punk. Just because you get more screentime than me doesn't make you any more special than me! Shantanu 08/09/2014
1 So then I totally told him "I'll disintegrate whoever the hell I want!" Alyssa b 08/09/2014
2Editor's Pick I'll vaporize what I want, when I want! Nick Romie of Shelbyville 08/09/2014
1 Can I pick your nose? Wait, you don't have a nose! Craig Spath of Maineville 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Only other time I've seen this much dust was when I was clawing my way outta the Sarlacc! Dirtbag Steve of Modesto 08/08/2014
1 Your shooting sucks more than the prequel trilogy. Josh Houser of Cedar Falls 08/08/2014
1 You're no good to me dead. Gabriel of Puerto Rico 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Let's get one thing straight. I have the cape, so I make the whooshing noises. Mike Alvelais of San Francisco 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick "You know how if you make a copy of a copy, and then a copy of that copy, etc. you wind up with something awful and not at all like the orginal? That would be you." John Davis of Lillian, Texas 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick You go tell those nerf herders at Disney that if they don't find a way to put me in Star Wars Rebels, I'm taking my helmet and going home. Ronnie Grimsley of NC 08/08/2014
1 No blind scruffy nerf herder will ever be able to take the Fett down! shane mcmillan of leeds 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Ori'buyce, kih'kovid. [All helmet, no head.] Ralph Thompson 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I'm not telling you again. Rainbow Dash is the blue Pegasus with the Rainbow on her side. Get it right. David Perdue 08/08/2014
1 They're no good to me if you can't find them. Madi 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick When lord Vader told Fett "no disintegrations," he failed to mention anything about disobedient Stormtroopers. Brett Steinbrink of Lawrence 08/08/2014
1 Ever see a blue flame from a jet pack? Pull my finger. Ronnie Grimsley of NC 08/08/2014
1 Don't tell me "we don't need their scum"! I've seen battle droids shoot more accurately than you! Todd Van Patten of Magna 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I told you, never bother me when I am practicing my Sarlacc gurgle pose. Theodore Mccreadie of Northbend 08/08/2014
1 How many times have I told you, aim before you shoot!!! Homer Ramirez III of Bishop, tx 08/08/2014
1 At least I know how to shoot and hit my target. Tommy Harris 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick If you wanna HIT Skywalker, you have to aim the blaster and then pull the trigger, like this. Kelly Johnson 08/08/2014
1 Come on, just pull my finger! Kelly Johnson 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I'm not letting you borrow any more money until you pay me back for the $7 I loaned you last week. Patrick McCabe 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick I am not your father. Patrick McCabe 08/08/2014
1 If you keep it up they will never find you remember what Vader said about no disintegrations Ken Groenstein 08/08/2014
1 And then he's all like, "Hoo-pah, nooo disintegrations. Hoo-pah." How do you put up with that guy? Tresob 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Ssshhhh! Not one word. There's a fly stuck in one of your air vents. He's no good to me dead. Alex Amaya 08/08/2014
2Editor's Pick Say 'sarlacc' again. Say 'sarlacc' again, I dare you, I double dare you say sarlacc one more damn time! Josh Houser of Cedar Falls 08/07/2014
2Editor's Pick For clones sake, I'm not gonna tell you again, Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold. Jeff kroll of Mequon 08/07/2014
1 Pull my finger... Steve Williams of Apex 08/07/2014
1 For the last time, kid: I'm not your father! Samuel Adams Vastine 08/07/2014
2Editor's Pick Have we met? You seem like a long lost brother... Austin Mears 08/07/2014
1 Don't you ever question my authority in front of the troops, you piece of Hutt crap! Michael Ring of QLD 08/07/2014