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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #30

55 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

Image #30 - Caption Goes Here

Photo of Seth Green, Steve Sansweet, and the priceless Kenner Boba Fett prototype by Hugh Sterbakov

Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 It's a bobo.. I mean boba fett? What is a boba fett? Uhhh is it something that would change my bath time forever? Theodore Mccreadie of Hamilton 06/10/2014
2Editor's Pick Steve: Now Seth, dont be one of those people who chokes on the small pieces... Seth?

Seth: *Gulp*

Steve: SETH NO! This is why we cant have nice things!!!
Matt Sommers of Riverside 06/10/2014
2Editor's Pick Ahhhh, mines broken Aaron 06/09/2014
1 Sorry.. There's a good price on Steve Sansweet's head. Cody 06/07/2014
2Editor's Pick Damn Bobarazzi! Why can't they leave him alone? Charlie Flowers 06/07/2014
2Editor's Pick Just because this old guy ran out of space on his BATTLESHIP game board, it doesn't give him the right to...well, okay. We'll try it. Boba311 of Mile High City 06/06/2014
1 Ok Seth. Since your original Boba Fett action figure is in perfect cond-- err-- never mind. I'll give you $5. Dave 06/06/2014
1 Do you think my dad will accept me as his son after I get him his favourite Stars Wars action figure??? Sure beats sharks with 'frickin' lasers! Andrew Pepper 06/01/2014
2Editor's Pick Timmy's not afraid anymore. Now Timmy can shoot those monsters in his room... FP Dave 05/30/2014
1 Steve: "So, the red rocket is inserted here, and..."
Seth: "Ok, I'm out."
Dan Tearle of Lichfield 05/30/2014
2Editor's Pick You'll shoot your eye out kid. Stephen of Seattle 05/30/2014
1 This is what happens when Chris Griffin goes toy shopping... Austin Mears of Littleton 05/28/2014
1 For the last time, yes I am the guy who does the voice of Chris on Family Guy. I have done other stuff you know. Ever heard of Robot Chicken? Paul Aponte of Atlanta, GA 05/27/2014
2Editor's Pick You're telling me this is worth how much?! And we opened it?! Kota 05/27/2014
1 Thanks for dislodging the rocket from my throat, Steve. I thought I was done for... Alex 05/26/2014
2Editor's Pick When this guy turns around, I'm bolting with this bad boy. Alex 05/26/2014
1 If I break it, do I have to buy it? Alex 05/26/2014
1 Many Bothans died to bring us this action figure. James Shorten 05/25/2014
2Editor's Pick Seth: "Put the rocket back in slowly and don't let them know we broke it." Dakota Cantrell 05/25/2014
1 Why are my toys on Antiques Roadshow -- I'm not that old! Nick of toronto 05/22/2014
2Editor's Pick Steve: "This is not the bounty hunter you are looking for."
Seth: "You're right -- this would blow the entire budget of Robot Chicken."
James Shorten 05/21/2014
1 Seth: "I'm sexy and I know it"
Steve: "They're photographing the toy, not you."
Seth: "Oh..."
Matt of Woodlyn 05/20/2014
1 Bad parenting (and Battlestar Galactica) ruined toys in 1978 JIm Bell 05/20/2014
2Editor's Pick You'll shoot your eye out, kid! Jeff 05/19/2014
1 It should be Mister Bobafett to you fool. He is just that good. Deanna Smith 05/19/2014
1 "He's no good to me out of the box... just kidding, I've got a three episode deal for him on Robot Chicken if that fires..." Christoph Klaiber of Fresno 05/18/2014
1 Wow good to see! jd of Suwanee 05/18/2014
2Editor's Pick I thought I was coming to see a Chris Griffin action figure. Jackie 05/18/2014
1 Dr. Evil will offer you 1 million $$'s Jim of The Villages, FL 05/18/2014
1 Seth: "Now the thing to remember is the missile on these figures is so... *snap* fragile" Justin 05/17/2014
2Editor's Pick Oops! I super glued this to my hand! Frank Parker of Birmingham, England 05/17/2014
1 Oh yes... I fired the rocket -- and it was good. 80s Mixed of Houston 05/17/2014
1 Yo... You wanna try some Boba Fett? First time's free. Gary McCoy of Providence 05/17/2014
1 You just don't get it do you Scott? Dave 05/14/2014
1 I dated a Sarlacc pit once... Sam of Philadelphia 05/14/2014
2Editor's Pick Tried to remove the helmet... Devin 05/14/2014
2Editor's Pick Next time I'm without a paddle, I'm bringing this guy! Dan of DB's Landing 05/14/2014
2Editor's Pick Seth: I think I'll use this on Robot Chicken! Steve: Do you have any idea what this is worth? Tony 05/13/2014
1 Okay I will see what I have... "Frozen 2: Frozen on Carbonite." Slayer of Formosa (Argentina) 05/13/2014
1 The only choking hazard here is me and my drink when you tell me again how much you paid for this, Steve... Ian of Oxford, UK. 05/13/2014
2Editor's Pick Careful! If anyone sees this we're going to be swarmed! Shadow Fett 05/13/2014
2Editor's Pick No pictures, dude. The little guy is shy... Julian G Hicks of UK 05/13/2014
1 You un-zip him and I'll crazy clue it back on! Tim Collins 05/13/2014
2Editor's Pick Seth: It's a REAL rocket!
Steve: Seth, it's plastic.
Bob 05/13/2014
2Editor's Pick Oh sure, a Boba Fett action figure. But, seriously, Hammerhead. Where's Hammerhead? swhammerhead 05/13/2014
1 Sure, he breaks my Boba Fett... but somehow has kid gloves when handling the Jar Jar figures. swhammerhead 05/13/2014
2Editor's Pick I don't think it's too much. He's the best, how can I NOT give him a an MM-9? Cheyenne 05/12/2014
2Editor's Pick Steve spent days trying to figure out why Boba Fett was low on oil. It wasn't until day three did Seth have the heart to tell him it was just a toy. craig 05/12/2014
1 I can't believe we smuggled this Shantanu 05/12/2014
2Editor's Pick An early glimpse at the R&D that goes into Robot Chicken's Star Wars 7 parody. swhammerhead 05/12/2014
2Editor's Pick We stayed up all night and proved that any Boba Fett toy can have a removable missile. craig 05/12/2014
2Editor's Pick Um, Steve, keep your hands off my rocket! Debbie 05/12/2014
2Editor's Pick With this firing rocket, there WILL be disintegrations. Joe Fruscione of Silver Spring 05/12/2014
1 Sorry, thought you were going to show me Bubba's Feet. David Keel of Houston 05/11/2014
1 He's worth more than I am! Bob M 05/11/2014