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Boba Fett Caption Contest #29

26 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick When outsourcing to India isn't enough Matthew Wright of Woodlyn 02/27/2014
1 What system is this level on, it defies physics. #BringBackBoba Kevin Forkner of Rochester NY 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Maybe he won't notice I got the special gold headset Scott 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Telemarketing?!? I thought I was going to be in the Army! David P 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Good Evening, is this Mr. The Hutt? Great. I'm calling from the Kamino Steak Company and we have a wonderful offer for you this evening. David P 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Thank you for calling the Galactic Senate. Your call is very important to us and will be answered in the order it was received. David P 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Hello... This is Peggy David Perdue 02/27/2014
2Editor's Pick Do I really need this headgear to compete in the Star Wars Battlefront contest? Plo-Kool Cast of 02/21/2014
2Editor's Pick Worst LAN party ever. Every game ends in a tie. Matt Van Alstyne of 02/21/2014
2Editor's Pick All this for some back packs with jetts Adam Gibson of 02/21/2014
2Editor's Pick Don't tell anyone -- the guy on my right is on YouTube! Shantanu 02/13/2014
2Editor's Pick Plot twist: the clones were really meant to be used for telemarketing. Dakota 02/10/2014
2Editor's Pick Clones that weren't up to snuff were forever doomed to a life of customer service... "Thank you for calling Rent a Mandalorian, how may I direct your call?" casper of wheeling 02/09/2014
2Editor's Pick I have a sinking suspicion that I'm not unique, anyone else get that feeling? Christi Ladnier 02/07/2014
2Editor's Pick Disintegrations, please. Jeff Rhein 02/06/2014
1 Don't look at his screen. Don't look at his screen. C'mon I know this answer!!! What are these wasp things all in my face?! Shane of Irvine 02/05/2014
1 Hey, what's the answer? Dakota 02/04/2014
2Editor's Pick Think this antenna can pick my nose? Dakota 02/03/2014
2Editor's Pick Taun We: "All right class today in Biology will will be studying the Angler Fish."
Clone: "I understand we will learn about it but why do we need to look like it?"
Matthew Wright of Woodlyn 02/03/2014
1 As you wish.... Dave's mom 02/03/2014
1 "Next time when you need me - and you will - my price is triple!" Tanya 02/03/2014
2Editor's Pick Wouldn't they all score exactly the same? #nochildleftbehind Austin Mears of Littleton 02/01/2014
1 Wait... it says here that- I'm a clone? Nah.... Shantanu 01/31/2014
1 Um...beam me up? FanAngryBirds 01/30/2014
2Editor's Pick That's one hell of a kids table ken groenstein 01/30/2014
2Editor's Pick I can't believe I'm Boba Fett #247... BFFC 01/29/2014