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Boba Fett Caption Contest #28

23 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick Lando: This wasn't part of the deal Vader.
Boba Fett: Yeah he does that.
Jason A Velarde of Westminster 12/28/2013
1 Boba: What she just say?
Lando: She loves him.
Boba: PMSL, so is Jabba when he sees his new wall art.
Robbie Fett of 12/03/2013
1 That's a cold ass honkey!!! Jeremy Bourquin of 12/03/2013
2Editor's Pick Lando, before I go, I just want to tell you: you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I michael bruce of mountain view 12/03/2013
2Editor's Pick Man, I'm tellin' ya Boba, Lando Calrissian merchandise is gonna be huge! Nobody's gonna want bounty hunters when they can have their very own action figure of the L-Man! Jeremy Moran of Dallas, TX 12/03/2013
2Editor's Pick Um Lando why are you holding my hand..? Kota 11/27/2013
2Editor's Pick You think Vader knows that's his daughter making out with that scruffy scum? Dakota cantrell 11/18/2013
2Editor's Pick I slipped a 6 pack of Colt 45 into the Carbonite for the ride bro.. Larry Bonney of Tyngsboro 11/14/2013
2Editor's Pick lando, will you be my father figure? jumbo karakuchi 11/13/2013
2Editor's Pick Man it's like a sauna in here and my visor is fogging up. JJ of Brownsville 11/13/2013
2Editor's Pick Did he just jump in that steam thingy? Aarak Tal 10/31/2013
2Editor's Pick Boba: "Lando when did we arrive in the land on oz?"
Lando: "I do feel like a wizard with this cape on!"
Boba: "I'm gonna shoot that munchkin behind you if he doesn't stop staring at me!"
Jason Stezoski of Pittsburgh 10/31/2013
2Editor's Pick Like OMG Lando look at her butt Dakota Cantrell of Greenfield 10/27/2013
1 Really dude really ? Dakota cantrell of Greenfield 10/27/2013
1 I got boba head to fett in my head David carcamo of Adelphi 10/22/2013
2Editor's Pick Han Solo: "I love you." Princess Leia: "I know." Boba Fett: "Damn, that was a good." BFFC Admin of 10/19/2013
2Editor's Pick Check it Boba, those chicks are totally checkin us out. Darin Rogge of aurora 10/05/2013
2Editor's Pick Get this over with so I can get paid... Aaron Woods of Beaumont 10/05/2013
1 Where can I get that mask?... You can't. Brandon Sasek of Marion 10/04/2013
2Editor's Pick Hey Lando, is that a gas station over there? Need to fuel up. greg opalka of cleveland oh 10/04/2013
2Editor's Pick Dude Han... Get a room. Tyler Jewell of Lubbock 10/04/2013
1 Boba Feet: "I farted." Ronin Sherpa of apex, nc 10/04/2013
2Editor's Pick What do you mean - no capes?! Antje 10/04/2013