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Boba Fett Caption Contest #20

36 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
2Editor's Pick When speed skating lost popularity specialized armor and life threatening laser fire were added to the sport Matt of woodlyn 03/03/2010
2Editor's Pick Short track speed skating in the 24 BBY Winter Olympics is a bit different than what we're use to. Sev Fett of Vancouver, Canada 03/23/2010
2Editor's Pick Damn! This armour doesn't cover my rear end. bats of South West Rocks 01/15/2010
1 And to think I turned down the part of Jacob he is loved bats of south west rocks 01/25/2010
1 OO!!! No Back Flaps for the rear-end bats of south west rocks 03/20/2010
1 O!! NO!! my back flap won't come down bats of south west rocks 04/06/2010
1 I think this rocks! Who knew this was existed? Max dobson of Singapore 01/27/2010
2Editor's Pick ... And that's when Jango Fett realized that roller skating can be useful when escaping from bad guys or just having fun on a Saturday night. Thunder of Santa Barbara 01/12/2010
1 "He can breakdance too? Time to bounce." Tony Dolo of San Diego 01/10/2010
1 Crap gotta stop. Armors riding up. mandoboy of Olympia 03/13/2010
2Editor's Pick They all want my costume so badly. But, they do realize they're denting it, right? And why am I whispering to myself when I'm under fire? Nicholas J. Roque of New York 02/20/2010
2Editor's Pick "Dance, Jango, dance!" Fett_II of Lolsville 01/10/2010
1 jango fett is awesome miles of lake forest 04/22/2010
1 COOL! Boba Fett of Joensuu 02/23/2010
1 boba fett is awsome andric of fontana 04/20/2010
1 Mandalorian break dancing! Sharra Fett of Durham, North Carolina 03/18/2010
2Editor's Pick Jango fett enjoys playing with his Star Wars action figures. Jonny D of Davis 01/23/2010
2Editor's Pick Jango Fett: The galaxy's greatest hurdling champion. Threatening to blast him in the *** just makes him faster. April 01/17/2010
1 Jango: Crap... Jetpack failure. :O BellaFett 01/25/2010
1 Jango: I hope this jetpack dosnt explode! *Explosin* Crap... BellaFett 01/25/2010
1 Hey a penny. mandoboy 01/30/2010
1 Dang seps leaving there bananas everywhere. mandoboy 01/30/2010
1 Hey look guys a credit. mandoboy 01/31/2010
2Editor's Pick ...Jango's rounding turn 4 and some of the crowd really doesn't like how good he is. mandoboy 01/31/2010
1 Ow! I'm getting too old for this crap! Mando1138 02/02/2010
1 Jango: Is that bantha crap?! Jumperboy 02/06/2010
1 Ha i've got an invisible shield on my rear end!!! boba 02/10/2010
2Editor's Pick "Ok, ok! So not everybody likes Girl Scout cookies, I get it!" Fett fan 02/21/2010
2Editor's Pick (singing to himself, to the tune of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger) "Jango's the man... goin' to work... he's a man on a mission... Gotta kill... all of these freaks... 'cuz everyone here knows that Jangooooooooooo's... A Survivor!" virulent_messiah 03/08/2010
1 man, i know mandolorian helmets are hard to get hold of, but geez, killing me won't solve that... boba 03/09/2010
1 Now I know why your not supposed to make an a** of yourself Kenneth 03/14/2010
1 For some reason, I never seem to get shot.... And why do I have all this useless equipment? Chandler Rabatin 03/22/2010
1 'just a good 'ole boy. never meanin no harm. beats all you ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day I was born" james 04/07/2010
1 "boba! get your lazy @** over here and kill these crazy blokes!" zelda 04/11/2010
2Editor's Pick I know these dance lessons are over priced but why are they shooting at me? Jaing Veers 04/17/2010
2Editor's Pick Jango: "My gosh, I don't even get time to break-dance!" Sarah 04/18/2010