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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #2

50 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 How do I put this thing on??? N/A
1 Now I've done it! Dented Dad's helmet!! Jorgen N/A
1 *Plop!* Head falls out. N/A
1 Hmmm... I think I'll be a bounty hunter. Dash N/A
1 ...This is supposed to be funny? lk666 N/A
1 Now where is the rest of that armour? Wedge N/A
1 Wow! Dad was right, this is really heavy. Dash N/A
1 Maybe if I shake hard enough, the head will fall out... N/A
1 Got Dad? MiloCold N/A
1 It can be assumed that the power derived from his wicked fart came from that helmet... N/A
1 Aaaaaah, nothing makes a headache feel better then a cold helment against your forehead. Cecilia N/A
1 PULL! James N/A
1 Saddest. Moment. Ever. :( N/A
1 Dang I got a headach. N/A
1 Must...clean...helmet... N/A
1 Boba, I wish you wouldn't pick my decapitated head up and cry. Taylor N/A
1 Dang you Boba, stop playing by that Sarlacc, I swear youll fall in someday! Taylor N/A
1 Artoo you've shrunk! Devstar N/A
1 Man, that Skywalker guy better give Mace Windu a whooping for this... Maxwell N/A
1 WOW! That Mace Windu guy sure is freindly. N/A
1 They say two heads are better then one. N/A
1 That's the last time I superglue a Mandalorian helmet to my forehead. Dash N/A
1 Boba!!!No. Wait. Why isn't there any blood?!?!?!?! N/A
1 Boba!!!Never mind.It fell out. N/A
1 Am I putting it on right, Daddy Jango? Jackson N/A
1 What did you say?? Jango Fett N/A
1 Hey Dad, guess what? I found your body! N/A
1 Dad, that reek's butt has been looking me with an smelly face. N/A
1 Wow, i can see right inside! N/A
1 Alex N/A
1 so sad..... N/A
1 Dad? Is your head in there? N/A
1 Hmmm...I can save a lot of money on speeder insurance if I switch to Geico... N/A
1 Ok...Batter's up, bases are loaded...Damn I hate Helmetball. Brakiss N/A
1 That animal back sure does stink. Hmmm... Also i wander if I need a haircut? Myles N/A
1 I had a feeling this was going to happen. N/A
1 I can see my face in this! N/A
1 Damn bird I missed again. N/A
1 And on a clear day the reception would come in great..... Infamous N/A
1 Boba was not amused when he found someone had put glue on his dad's helmet. Edward N/A
1 How DOES he see in this thing? N/A
1 ow... ow... ow... ow... ow... ultra-violet-catastrophy N/A
1 Wow... I never realised how interesting the ground was... I'll just lean on Dad... Wait... Where's Dad's body? Isn't it supposed to be in attatched to the head in there?? ultra-violet-catastrophy N/A
1 Shakes and Turns over....OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD. N/A
1 Oh great, now my head is superglued to the helmet. N/A
1 Can you hear me now? GOOD. N/A
1 I'll hide here... N/A
1 Damn..the jedi...damn them and their stupid super glue tricks!! N/A
1 Only a few left know the mandalorians wore tarten to battle.. N/A
1 Oh my god, I left the water running at the house. If my dad wasn't dead, he would kill me! Taylor McCoy 06/17/2013