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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #18

62 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 This is the last straw- you touched my car, you die. Thunder Hicks of Tapioca City, Kamino 04/03/2009
1 this must be the unseen version of cops. thomas wolfe of cheyenne 08/02/2009
2Editor's Pick Step away from the car and take that boot with you. thomas wolfe of cheyenne 05/30/2009
2Editor's Pick What?! This isn't the Slave 1! Darn valet keeps getting me the wrong ship! Theta Eight Four 12/09/2008
1 "I said you're in my spot." Steven Woolley 07/09/2009
1 I know what Boba looks like unmasked Steele of Brownsville 03/22/2009
2Editor's Pick You think Lucas is going to know it was us to let the air out of his tires? Slovok of McAllen 05/04/2009
1 "Look clone, you want to rent from enterpise, NOT HERTZ!" Seco 04/07/2009
1 "Clone, don't rent Hertz. It'll hurt." Seco 04/07/2009
1 How many times have I told you that I want a real car, not a piece of crap?! Sarah 07/18/2009
1 I told you, I DO NOT need my car washed, you idiot!!! Sarah 06/30/2009
1 Jango: Get in the car.Now.
Stormtrooper: What did I do??!!
Jango: Shut up. You touch my car, you pay for it.
Sarah 06/30/2009
1 Watch my car.... If I see a scratch on it... YOU'RE DEAD. Rudy of Aurora 06/21/2009
2Editor's Pick License and Registration...please. Ph34r 12/09/2008
2Editor's Pick Jango: Let's try this again. I want a HYBRID, you hear me?!? Ph34r 01/01/2009
1 what the hell are you doing to my, errr.... ship... orin 01/07/2009
1 What have i told you about buying cars not made on Mandalore nedlyfett 03/27/2009
2Editor's Pick ok....who had ice cream in my car?! nedlyfett 04/11/2009
1 step away from the car, put your hands in the air and get down on your knees and pray. Max Collins 04/15/2009
1 The only good Boba kitty a dead one! Manglord 06/29/2009
1 Jango: Neva go against the family. MandoGirl0415 12/11/2008
1 Jango: C'mon, c'mon, I want you to do it, c'mon. C'mon, I want you to do, c'mon, hit me, HIT ME!!! MandoGirl0415 01/04/2009
2Editor's Pick Jango: "I'd shoot you now, but I just got that paint job done..."
Clone: "But you told me to put gas in the tank!"
Jango: "Oh yes, I'd shoot you for charging me 50 credits per gallon, but I just got the paint job done. Find yourself lucky..."
Mandalore Hunter 12/08/2008
2Editor's Pick "Premium, bub." lmaokid of Lmaoville 01/26/2009
1 Clone: Well, between the scratches, the wheel, and the rear axle, I'd have to say about, oh, 7000 credits.
Jango: *Draws Gun*
Clone: Silly me! Did I say 7000 credits? I meant 35.
Kurtz 01/18/2009
1 TAG...You're dead. Kot 02/02/2009
1 CLONE: I swear to God, Fett, I just put $45 worth of gas in this thing. If you put ONE mark on my car I swear I'll shoot you. Koety Kofay of Wilmington, NC 02/14/2009
1 Just ask yourself one question, do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk? Kevin Haye 01/26/2009
2Editor's Pick Hey Clone, when I stand like this, does it make me look bad ass or what? John 04/01/2009
1 Jango: Finally the last Kamino clone. At long last i can end the line imposters trying to steal my throne as Mandalore.
Clone: But I'm from Centax 2!
Jango: Oh, my bad.
Johan Kordav 12/10/2008
1 $2.65 for premium? Gimme 5 bucks and a pack of bubalicious! Joe Olea of Yuma, AZ 06/01/2009
1 I've got a ticket to ride, and he don't care. Joe 07/04/2009
1 AWW C'mon man I'm tryin to goto the bathroom here. Jim Fisher of Fayetteville,NC 01/20/2009
1 Hey CLONE, You can tell me the TRUTH.....Does this JETPACK make my butt look BIG ? No Pressure. JettFett72 of Chesapeake,Va 06/18/2009
2Editor's Pick "Next time, put your keys in your pocket BEFORE YOU SHUT THE DOOR!" jaster mereel 05/16/2009
1 Wow, I never thought Rent-A-Clone would be this good! Fett_II of Coolsville 05/21/2009
1 "I THINK you can get me a better deal than THAT." FettFan DT 01/09/2009
1 "Tag! You're it! Think I wouldn't find you behind the car?" FettFan DT 01/09/2009
2Editor's Pick Jango, Intergalactic Car Salesman: "You will take this jalopy at 15,000 credits, or you will be disintegrated. I'll even throw in a free jug of Jawa Juice." FettFan DT 01/09/2009
2Editor's Pick "Hey, hey! I JUST finished waxing that!! No touchie!" FettFan DT of Pana,IL 02/05/2009
2Editor's Pick "You missed a bug splatter...r-i-i-ght...there!" FettFan DT of Pana, IL 03/14/2009
1 You call THIS a wax job?? FettFan DT of Pana,IL 07/20/2009
1 "I'd like regular please, and make it snappy." Fett II 12/09/2008
1 Stop humping my car! eterfig 05/18/2009
2Editor's Pick Jango Fett got his start on highway patrol. Eric 12/08/2008
2Editor's Pick Jango: This is bounty hunter parking. Violators WILL be frozen in carbonite! EMU 08/10/2009
1 Jango: ''Hide and seek'' the most simple game in the universe and just look at you!: hiding behind a car with your gun in the air! you dont get it do you?
Clone: *murmeling*cloned...genetic the same*murmeling*
Dutchfett 12/31/2008
2Editor's Pick Jango: I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a Westar 34 blaster pistol, the most powerful blaster pistol in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Is the force with you? Well, is it punk? Derek Martin 07/15/2009
2Editor's Pick Damn American cars... I wouldn't have this problem with MandalMotors. Dashiell Nye of Alameda 02/28/2009
1 Break Yoself, fool darthsplitfoot 01/04/2009
1 The Slave 2? Cujo 12/10/2008
2Editor's Pick Jango: "You, sir, are so very dead."
Trooper: "Wh-what did I do?! You said to find you a ride that's cool, with a good paint job, and will also stand out among everyone else!"
Jango: "I meant find me a ship, not some ancient vehicle that only exist in musuems. It doesn't even FLY!"
Cecilia 12/14/2008
2Editor's Pick I said, gimme the hubcaps. Bridget 04/07/2009
1 You are no good to me dead. bats of South West Rocks 02/11/2009
1 Stand and Deliver bats of South West Rocks 02/03/2009
1 I said, ''Clean my car the right way. You stormtroopers think you are the elite." bats of South West Rocks 02/15/2009
1 I'm telling you: if Bats has a hybrid, I want one too. bats of South wst Rocks 05/11/2009
1 You Drongo I told you I wanted the car painted in my colours not all Siver bats of south west rocks 08/12/2009
1 Jango: Dude, how many times have I told you, Pooping next to my car IS NOT COOL!!!
Clone:I dropped my wallet!!!
Jango:O, well you will be needing it anymore. Get in the car or i will shoot you
Clone:NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Arc-Fett 12/21/2008
1 JANGO: Kit? God! They always get the galaxies wrong!
CLONE: Check on
Antonio Rocha 12/19/2008
1 If we're in a galaxy far, far away, then how are we stealing a Chevy? Antonio of Olathe 05/21/2009
2Editor's Pick Carjacking went down when Boba Fett joined the force. anon 12/12/2008