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Boba Fett Caption Contest #15

77 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 flamethrower:90000 credits
mandalorion armor :90000000000 credits
bounty on solo:8977657465846 credits
falling into almighty sarlacc:priceless
for things you need now,there's mastercard
Hayden lewicki of bay city,michigan 03/14/2008
1 han:raaaahhh! ???? my vibro axe hit somsthing
boba:what the @#$!
Hayden lewicki of bay city,michigan 03/14/2008
Beskaryc Beroya of Concord, NC 03/10/2008
1 Han:I've had enuogh of Boba getting all the fans and all the kills! Merciless Mandalore of Concord Dawn 03/10/2008
1 Boba: Let me turn my back against this guy. He's blind, what could happen... right? Cheesecake of NL 03/09/2008
1 Boba: you know, that didnt hurt. You got my jetpack instead.

Han: I know

Boba: ????

Han: you'll see!

Boba: still confused?

Flys off into sarlacc
Masterchief of UK 03/07/2008
2Editor's Pick Han practices his follow through, while Boba puts another shrimp on the barby... What a beautiful sunny afternoon. Shawn of PA 03/05/2008
1 Curse you Han Solo!!! Venku of Keldabe, Mandalore 03/04/2008
1 Vador: Bobafett this is a Carbon Rifle. This gun is very dangorous, strong, deathly and killing. If you shot this gun at anyone then they will die automaticlly.
Bobafett: I'll take the gun!!!!!
Alyse Kennedy of Florida 03/02/2008
1 Han: if you kill this person then you can kill anyone or anything you want.
Bobafett: ok that's it im going to kill him!
Alyse Kennedy of Florida 03/02/2008
1 i stepped in bantha poo doo? wayne bevan of columbus, OH 03/01/2008
1 Boba : DEAL OR NO DEAL?? Han: NO DEAL!!! Amelia Joe of Tucson, AZ 02/29/2008
1 Awww, the little blind boy wants to fight! Whoa! He's a frisky one. glutius maximus 02/29/2008
2Editor's Pick Whoa! Han! Is this about Leia?! Well hey, she said she didn't have a boyfreind! Zee of Philly 02/29/2008
1 ya know Han, the guy with the gun ALWAYS wins... Bambi of Philly 02/29/2008
1 Han: What you're trying to charge me for joining your fan club, i don't think so buddy!!! Boba: I'm tellin you it's free!! sam and mena of tucson, Az 02/28/2008
1 Yet another classic case of directors getting annoyed with the actors... Mandalorian Assassin 02/27/2008
1 Man.....WHY CANT I AIM!! Steven of NewJersey 02/27/2008
1 For God's Sake!! let go of my legs,I'm going to do it he is getting more Mail than me bats of south west rocks 02/25/2008
1 Han Solo proved to be no good to Boba alive as well. Darth Affsad 02/25/2008
1 I knew if I sneezed bad things would happen... Snot Rocket of Drag City 02/23/2008
1 Fett: Y do we Fight Solo?
Solo: I dunno ?
Fett: I think its Jabba, he's allways tellin me wat to do.
Fett: well now i will...
Solo:fall in the scarlat pit!
Fett: Yea, wait, Wah??
Solo: Goodbye Fett

(Solo hits Fett Into da Scarlat Pit
Alex of Chino, Cal 02/22/2008
2Editor's Pick Fireball Shooting Wrist Gauntlet: 307 Credits
Mandalorian Armor: 3000 Credits
Bounty On Han Solo: 250000 Credits
Getting Hit in the Jetpack With A Giant Stick By Han Solo then Falling Into The Sarlacc to Become Famous: Priceless

Some things in life aren't free; for other things, there's MasterCard.
ThunderHicks of Radiator Springs, Arizona, Route 66 02/22/2008
1 Han: get away from me you pyromaniac!
Boba: At least I can see! ha ha AAAA!
scorch 02/21/2008
1 Han: FORE!!!!! Adeptus Astartes of BFFC message boards 02/21/2008
1 Man I wish I didnt have to turn like robocop or I would have shot him already. Justin of hopedale, ohio 02/21/2008
2Editor's Pick Sorry, but I have kill Boba -- it's in the script bats 02/18/2008
1 They're gonna send Tommy Lee Jones after me for this, I Just know it. Slovok of McAllen, TX 02/17/2008
2Editor's Pick Hey Chewy, ever hear Fett scream like a little girl before? Slovok of McAllen, TX 02/17/2008
Azhrarn of Ashburn, VA 02/14/2008
1 Han: Ahhhhhhh! Dude keep the stink bomb in, yuck.
Boba: Heh.
Christian of Las Vegas, NV 02/14/2008
1 Han: I'm only practicing my pole flick!

Boba:well that just..
flys off into sarlacc
Timothy Richard Webb of UK 02/14/2008
1 GEICO. Problems Happen. Isaac Fett of Tepic 02/12/2008
1 little did boba know that he was going to meet his doom from only a few centimeters away...... green helmeted fett of UK 02/12/2008
1 Whooooooa.....lets do that again!!! PheonixZeroTwoThree of Mandalore 02/10/2008
1 The Fett clan would always be haunted by jetpack related deaths thanks to that gypsy curse. Adam 02/09/2008
1 Stop it! Your distracting me! masterchief of UK 02/09/2008
2Editor's Pick Little did Han know the umpire was standing behind him when he went up to bat... Mommicked Fett of the boondocks 02/05/2008
1 HAN, I AM SO THROUGH WITH U!!! (SLAP) glutius maximus of uranus 02/02/2008
1 Han:aw man! i missed twice! well, third time's the charm... Zee of Philly 02/02/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba always had trouble making friends... Bambi of Philly 02/02/2008
1 Guy in green helmet ---
DIE CORELLIAN DOGS!!!!!!! Right buddy?!?
Guy in white shirt---
I'll see 'ya later......
Ralin Drakus of Somerton/AZ 02/02/2008
1 See? I told you I'm the best "in the stick to the Bounty Hunter" game. Valthonin of Miami/Florida 02/02/2008
1 Han: I can't find my glasses!
Boba: There they are over--
fairyblood 01/31/2008
1 Boba: hey Han! help me get over to luke!
Han: How??
Boba: I dont know, figure it out while I keep shooting at him.
Han: ok, let me just hit your jet pack with this...
Arc Fett of WA 01/31/2008
2Editor's Pick Red bull gives you wings. Mandal of Mandolore 01/29/2008
1 Maybe with this take I'll finally hit the jetpack just right...yes! Han Solo does it again... FettFan of Pana, IL 01/28/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba: Is something wrong with my jetpack?
Han: Yeah, let me help you with that...
Clone Commander Tyler of Genetic Clone Birth Pod #1198 01/27/2008
1 Boba:Eat that you rebel scum!
Han:Boba's stomach, meet Han's elbow!
Tyler of Wilmington, North Carolina 01/27/2008
2Editor's Pick "Now if I aim carefully, I can hit the Jedi and win a stuffed panda." Fett II of Pwnsville 01/26/2008
2Editor's Pick (guy in white shirt): hey look a penny Josh Byers of Johnstown 01/26/2008
1 solo: hahaha... you will now plumett to your ultimate demise.
Fett:(slapping his forehead and thinking) dang! i should've had a v8
michael of topeka 01/26/2008
1 I shoulda listened to dad, dont play by the sarlaac or someday your gonna fall in! FettFan of Luverne MN 01/26/2008
1 Ha! Solo has no idea im right behi *WHACK!* Adam Brown of California 01/25/2008
1 Fett, you cannot rely on looks and strategy to win, you have to be HA.......... well he fell,.....were are definitely screwed we are gonna get sued! Antonio of Olathe,Kansas 01/25/2008
2Editor's Pick At this moment, Mr.Fett regrets not switching to Geico for jet-pack insurance. Mandal of The BFFC 01/23/2008
1 I could've sworn I saw Han go that waAAGHHHH!!! Zach Velardi of P-Town 01/22/2008
2Editor's Pick I'll be back. Anonymous 01/19/2008
1 Left--my left or yours? Up, Down?? C'mon, Chewie, work with me here. After the first 20 takes, I can't just rely on dumb luck. FettFan of Pana, IL 01/19/2008
2Editor's Pick You can't win this easily, Lucas! If you strike me down, I shall become more popular than you can possibly imagine! Felina of Gaithersburg, MD 01/19/2008
1 ok, I'll hold them off while you blindly whack me in the back with that pole matt of macedon, NY 01/18/2008
1 thanks solo uyou got that iech francisco rivera 01/17/2008
2Editor's Pick Why do we always have to play space cowboys and indians? KetForFett 01/17/2008
2Editor's Pick Oh for God's sakes, Lucas, can't I at least die respectfully?! Bambi of Philly 01/16/2008
2Editor's Pick Crap. I knew I should have got the extended warranty. Alo Fett of Phoenix,AZ 01/15/2008
1 MOSQUITO!!!! Patrick von Mittelstadt of The Stadt, IL 01/13/2008
1 Han: LOOOK!, Boba, it's a BUG!EEWW!
Boba: I Don't care just let me finsih practice, then i'll look! Gosh!
Franklin Carl of WA 01/13/2008
1 Thats right! keep on runnin' Han, KEEP ON RUNNIN'!!!! Zee of Philly 01/13/2008
1 Hey! that guy owes me money! DIE!!!! Oh don't worry Han,I'm coming for u next... Bambi of Philly 01/13/2008
1 Boba: Crap! This was a rental! Mandal of I am in the state of bordom 01/12/2008
1 And this, younglings, is how not to explode dramatically. Adeptus Astartes of BFFC Message Boards 01/12/2008
1 Uh, Boba, could you move please? This Sarlacc pit doesn't dig itself. Nevermind, I'll just nudge ya out of the way... FettFan of Pana, IL 01/11/2008
2Editor's Pick And pause, the moment I realized Lucas had lost it. Cujo of Twilight Zone, CA 01/10/2008
2Editor's Pick As Boba's jetpack ignited he reflected that at least his father had died in a cool way. Anonymous 01/10/2008
2Editor's Pick Boba on a stick! Krussk of OK 01/09/2008
2Editor's Pick Oh great--I scratched the paint on his I'm really in for it. FettFan of Pana, IL 01/09/2008
2Editor's Pick Okay, with this life-sized Fett figure, you just have to nudge the switch on his back like this, and he'll shoot a fireball! FettFan of Pana, IL 01/09/2008