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Boba Fett Caption Contest #14

43 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 OK, now Boba...whad' I tell ya? - Boba: um, Shoot Vader? no wait! I got it! no, no I lost it... Jon of Mass. 01/07/2008
1 ....Dude. Smell this. Zara Orono of buffalo 01/03/2008
1 Guy:"Listen, when Darth Vader says "Are we clear" or "do you underst"...."
Boba:"I get it. I read the script you know."
Guy:"I know i just like talking to you. Could I have an autograph."
Someone of Las Vegas, NV 01/02/2008
1 Heh, An Amish Bounty Hunter. Mark 12/30/2007
2Editor's Pick Hey, guess what, I can tell you the future. So theres going to be this fan site right, and then theres going to be this member of the message boards. And there are going to be these caption contests where they put captions on these pictures. And on #14 some idiot called Adeptus Astartes who is a member of the boards is going to decide to try to be funny by mocking himself. Adeptus Astartes of BFFC Message Boards 12/25/2007
1 Your lips keep moving, but all I hear is "blah, blah, blah..." Zee of Philly 12/19/2007
1 Boba: look at him. with his little blue flashlight, thinking he's so hot and all.
Vader: That's my son, Luke.
Boba: I, er, mean, he's very talented, I'll give you that! (nervous laugh)
Bambi of Philly 12/19/2007
1 Director: Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy as Director and Bounty hunter!
Darth Vader (thinking): Why does that sound familiar?
Anonymous of Mandal 12/17/2007
1 The director's "Invisible pineapple" joke just wasn't funny anymore Metalzora of Edinburgh 12/15/2007
1 talk to the elbow, 'cause the hand wants to slap ya! chris of honolulu HI 12/07/2007
1 and lord vader tells me not to disintegrate anyone. just look at this guy!!!! frank bell of caribou,maine 12/02/2007
1 Boba:Dangit, Dengar, I told you: no 80's hairstyles.
Dengar: But....
Dengar: but i look dumb caompletely bald!
Boba: heres a towel. knock yourself out.
Alex fett of a galaxy far, far away called florida 11/30/2007
2Editor's Pick "Now just listen, please. Take off the helmet, grow a me. You see, we want a truly ruthless antogonist. A real man. Trust me, the audience will love it. Your fans will love it. Trust me..."
[Boba thinking] "Sigh..."
Phillip of Apex, NC 11/29/2007
1 director- you are a bounty hunter got it.
use feeling!!!
boba-okay,okay i got it !!!!!
dierector- and action!
boba-uuuummmm. who am i again?
2Editor's Pick Boba's game of "ignore the screenwriter" had serious repercussions for the third film. anon 11/28/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: What's my motivation for this scene?
Man: You're a tough green dude with a gun, and you like to shoot things.
Boba Fett: Okay, got it. This helmet itches...
PJ of Abby/BC 11/27/2007
1 Frank:i got 5 fingers!
Boba:i dont give a crap!
katie of Florida 11/23/2007
2Editor's Pick What do youy mean this style won't be in forever!? Jamie of California 11/23/2007
1 Boba:yo dude,can i disintegrate you?
Frank:yeah sure
Frank:i have to go to the bathroom!
katie and sanford of Florida 11/21/2007
1 Boba:moo moo moo
Boba:i said moo moo moo
Boba:i said moo moo moo moo!r-tards these days...
Boba:I SAID MOO MOO MOOO MOO MOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
jUST - JUST SHUT UP!!!!! SO i CAN KILL YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alyse and katie of Florida 11/19/2007
1 Help I'm to dumb to save myself. Bobafet: sorry can't help i'm to busy killing somebody which i'm actually enjoying right now.
Person: I bet your having fun over there I wish I could join in but you are about to disintegrate me so bye!
alyse of Florida 11/19/2007
1 Empire Strikes Back, scene 30, take 43.
Irving: Now Boba, I know it's a hard line, but "As you wish" isn't all that bad.
Boba: Yea, but it's to him. (points at Vader)
Irving: Oh, stop being a child. Just imagine something that makes you happy when you say the line.
Boba: Okay. Okay, I see a man named Irving getting his head blown off by me, and Darth Vader and IG-88 bow down at my feet. Thanks Irv!
Irving: Er, no... problem..
Fett II of The Shiz 11/15/2007
1 Boba:i like pie...
other dude:well we can't have pie in this scene!
other dude:im gonna get that pie now...
Boba:works every time...
Katie of Florida 11/14/2007
2Editor's Pick Frank: Aw, Boba! Help me! Vader and IG are meanies!
Boba: Shut up, I'm watching TV...
Fett II of The Shiz 11/13/2007
1 Boba: She's hot.
Man: Ok. Hmmmm. If you buy my useless crap, the girl comes free.
Boba: DEAL!!! :P
Zee of Philly 11/08/2007
2Editor's Pick Who allowed the leprechaun on the set? matt of macedon, NY 11/07/2007
2Editor's Pick "Now in this scene, you come up behind me in the balcony.." Jon Burke of Hopkinton, MA 11/07/2007
1 hey misery guts....wanna dance? Simon Shemwood of Leeds 11/05/2007
1 How many times must I tell you ,NO!! Vegas Showgirls in this scene bats of New South Wales 11/04/2007
1 Look! I told you! You can't have the Vegas showgirls in this film!! bats 11/03/2007
2Editor's Pick Man: "Picture this Mr. Fett---you, Han Solo, carbonite...just focus on that, and we can get through this scene."
Boba: "I can see it now..."
FettFanDT of Pana, IL 11/02/2007
2Editor's Pick Man: "Now, Boba, we need to patch this little disagreement with Vader here..."
Boba: "Forget it. Telling me 'no disintegrations'--trying to tell me how to do my job! I won't put up with it."
FettFanDT of Pana, IL 11/02/2007
1 Hey, im new here, can you tell me where the bathrooms are? Adeptus Astartes of holyorkazonasouthameriland 10/31/2007
1 ...So then I had all the hair from my palms surgically implanted to my face which was quite... (Moments later this man was disintegrated) Sam of Jacksonville,FL 10/30/2007
2Editor's Pick Hey Fett, I have all the answers to Vaders quiz written on my hand! Hurry up and copy them before he comes back! Sam Garretson of Jacksonville,FL 10/30/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba day dreams the day they came to discuss Sarlacc Safety. fairyblood 10/29/2007
1 Now then Mr Fett, we have a great line of hair products. As you can see I use the "Man of the Universe" product. Now if you'd just take that helmet off... Mia 10/28/2007
1 Salesman: So you see why you need to get these weapon upgrades for 1,000,000 credits?
Bambi of Philly 10/25/2007
2Editor's Pick Regardless of how friendly he was, Elroy the amish bounty hunter was never accepted by the hunting community. cujo of So Cal 10/25/2007
1 Dude, Boba, you gotta believe me. I told Darth NOT to bring IG to the party man. Please dude....dont disintegrate me. Valthonin of Miami/Fl 10/24/2007
1 Maybe I should get off Lunesta. Now I'm seeing Abe Lincoln everywhere I go. Aaaahh! Now everything's dark! Zee of Philly 10/24/2007
1 Why is everything black and white? Why is this mime following me? WHY do I keep talking to myself?! Bambi of Philly 10/24/2007
2Editor's Pick Director: Cut!
Boba: What's wrong?
Director: You forgot to say "As you wish."
Boba: I'm Boba Fett, that rubbish doesn't apply to me.
Fett II of The Shiz 10/24/2007