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Boba Fett Caption Contest #13

74 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Photo Credit: Sam Leibowitz

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 The weird thing was Boba- had no idea that Jabba the Hutt was his boyfriend's father. hubbabubj of philly 10/15/2007
2Editor's Pick Flowers from Lake Country: 150 credits
Book of Jawa Poetry: 23 credits
Boba Fett...? Priceless.
Hamilton of Richlands, NC 10/14/2007
1 "So Mac do you think she'll like these?" TDog of Wilmington,North Carolina 10/13/2007
2Editor's Pick I'm just here to fulfill a bet I lost, I'm kinda afraid of commitment... Zee of Philly 10/10/2007
1 Boba starts singing: Leia's mom has got it going on. I had a crush on her since I was 10 & been waiting so long. Leia can't you see, you're just not the girl for me , but...
Leia: Boba, my mom is dead.
Boba: what?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! :(
Bambi of Philly 10/09/2007
2Editor's Pick Hey! Just 'cause he's the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy doesn't mean that he doesn't have feelings... Bambi of Philly 10/06/2007
1 Uuuuuhhhhh sure I'll hold your book for you, oh fine the flowers too, just don't... YOU TOOK A PICTURE!!!! Now you're gonna pay! :@ Bambi of Philly 10/06/2007
1 Most bounty blood is red, when choke my bounty they turn blue, I got this poem from the cheezy book that I'm giving to you. (oh yeah, and a flower too) Bambi of Philly 10/06/2007
1 After being dumped, a drunken Boba tries one last time to win his love, but his only response is a punch to the gut when his "lover" is Han Solo. Zee of Philly 10/06/2007
1 Boba-"Hello Mr.Smith. I'm here to pick up Lindsey."
Mr.Smith-"What's with the book of poems and flowers? Are you some sort of pansy?"
Boba-"No sir. I, uh, er..."*Blaster Fire*"Screw this. I'm gonna go home and watch Grey's Anatomy."
Joe of Taylor, MI 10/04/2007
2Editor's Pick Sorrowfly, she closed the door on him as she realized that his illegible mumbles were not out of love but that Boba was merely drunk. Zee of Philly 10/02/2007
1 *Memorizing book* "Roses are red, violets are blue...Roses are---oh poodoo--is that a hummingbird? Great. The first time I put away my rifle..." Miriam FettFan of Pana, IL 10/01/2007
1 This is the last time I ever make a bet at that sleezy cantina...and it just HAD to be Jabba's palace. Miriam FettFan of Pana, IL 10/01/2007
1 *Poof!*...That is the last time I volunteer for a magic trick. Miriam FettFan of Pana, IL 10/01/2007
1 fett: sarrlac will you marr... sarlacc: gulp! yum bounty hunter my favorite. Hey what are you doing in their... owch! mommy help. greedo of N.J 09/30/2007
1 Hi uhh Leia, can we go now? Your dad is giving me those "you're not real, you're just a clone" looks again, and personally it really lowers my self esteem... Bambi of Philly 09/29/2007
1 Leia: Aaaawww! Boba, that's so sweet! :D Bambi of Philly 09/29/2007
yimsan of Glasgow Scotland 09/21/2007
2Editor's Pick He had flowers, he had love poems, he had a reservation at a fancy resturant, now if only Boba had someone to go out with... Bambi of Philly 09/21/2007
2Editor's Pick All of a sudden, Boba realized the impact this date could have on his bachelor ifestyle. Bambi of Philly 09/20/2007
1 Thats me. Joel of ennis/texas 09/20/2007
1 Roses are red, Violets are blue...
Marry me or I will disintegrate you...
Pepe Fett of Mexico 09/14/2007
1 Does this seem right to you???? LIVE ABOVE THE INFLUENCE!!!! Bambi of Philly 09/10/2007
1 *Sintas walks up behind boba as he asks leia out* BOBA WHAT THE ****!
Boba thinking"OH CRAP"
boba:hey hunny, I uh..
Boba: Well I *SMACK*
Bobafan of Luverne MN 09/02/2007
1 *walks up to leia* hi leia, um will u go out with me?
leia: well, i would but.. hey i though u got eaten!
BobaFan of Luverne MN 09/02/2007
1 Ad campaign: SMILE! APPARENTLY, BOBA LOVES YOU! (well, at least until he finds his blaster rifle...) Bambi of Philly 09/02/2007
2Editor's Pick After reading aloud a random poetry book he found lying on the ground, all girl fans attacked and Boba had nothing to defend himself with but a flower. Zee of Philly 09/01/2007
2Editor's Pick In a sick turn of events, Boba mistakenly mixed up his girlfriend's address and was shocked to see Jabba the Hutt standing in the doorway. Zee of Philly 09/01/2007
1 Fett: You look lovely Leia... NO, NO, NO! Uhhh, let's see, I saw this flower on top of the last bounty I killed and decided to give it to you... oh boy! here she comes!!!
Leia: Boba?! What are you doing here?
Fett: Me think u hot in little bikini!
Fett: NOBODY SAYS NO TO BOBA!!! (Draws blaster...)
Zee of Philly 09/01/2007
2Editor's Pick Few know of Boba's little brother, Bobby, whose favorite hobby was to dress up like his big brother and ruin his "macho" reputation. Bambi of Philly 08/30/2007
1 Boba Fett, returning his "book" to the library... the librarian unaware that it was really a bomb. Soooo, he bought flowers to say sorry later. Bambi of Philly 08/30/2007
1 All this love and affection...*wakes up in a sweat* aaahhh! fhew! It was just a dream! (sees book in his hand) NOOOOOO!!! Bambi of Philly 08/30/2007
1 OHMIGOD, OHMIGOD, OHMIGOD!!!!! Leia looks soooo HOT!! *dark spot appears* AAAHHHH! This Can't be happening to me! Bambi of Philly 08/30/2007
2Editor's Pick (Fett talking with Leia) Wha...wha...WHAT?! There's a HAN too? Oh come on!!! You have no idea how many florists I had to kill for those flowers! Bambi of Philly 08/30/2007
2Editor's Pick " Ummmmm.....hi! heh heh heh, errr....hows it going? heh heh * SLAM!! * " ohhh, Damn! " green helmeted fett of UK 08/28/2007
1 " I love you leia... i just wanted to give you this flower and this poem from me. SLAM!! " green helmeted fett of UK 08/27/2007
1 Um...lets see... roses are red, violets are blue, I promise I won't kill you...hey...where are you running to? KETforFETT 08/24/2007
1 Um. Ty of NY 08/20/2007
1 "Wanna Be my Bounty?" Daniel of Mexico 08/16/2007
1 Please don't force choke me Vadie Poo, I picked this for you.<3 Dageen of fall river Ma 08/14/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba couldn't help but feel faintly silly. anon 08/12/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba smiled under his helmet as she let him in.
It appeared that his little dumpster dive behind the florists and the used book store had payed off.
Now to find a place to hide and wait for her husband.
Jenny of Bored 08/12/2007
2Editor's Pick Well, when Boba met Leia, it was love at first sight! Unfortunately, the Ewoks just had to tell him that flowers would win her heart... Siri Fett of Naboo 08/09/2007
1 I Love My Diary Hunter of Roswell, GA 08/06/2007
1 *Han Solo gets a suprise after being unfrozen*
Boba:Er....hello Han
Han:Boba Fett!!?
Boba:Yeah, I wanted to apologize for trying to kill you, and I wanted to tell you why I realy chased you across the galaxy..
Boba: I was being paid by the Empire but, that wasnt the only reason
Han:What are you ta-
Boba: I...I love you
Leia:Whats going on, whos at th-
Boba:What?!I've been chasing you for so long and...and you choose her over me? How could you?
Han: Listen, Boba, I never realy liked you, you were trying to kill me, and..
Boba:Your'e the only reason im alive! You inspired me to climb out of that sarlacc!*boba starts to cry, and runs away*
Leia:What was that about?
Han:How should I know?
Adeptus Astartes of Iowa 08/02/2007
2Editor's Pick "Let's see...'You're worth a lot to me.' No...that won't work...'You're no good to me dead.' No...'Aaaaaahhhhh!' No...I tried that on the last one..." Jodo Kast of Arkansas 08/02/2007
1 "No force in the galaxy will ever make me tell you what i had to do for that bounty..." tom of Greenport NY 07/29/2007
2Editor's Pick Now that the clone masters are gone I have to do this the hard way. Cam of Manchester, NH 07/28/2007
1 i'm going out on a date, of course!
why do you think i've got the flower and love poem book!?
green helmeted fett of scotland edinburgh 07/28/2007
1 Boba was fairly suprised when he picked up the flower and it didn't immediately wilt like most flowers did while in his grasp. So moved was he, that he fell in love with the flower and read it poetry constantly. Ryan 07/22/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: clone, mercenary, master of seduction. Fett II of The Shiz 07/20/2007
1 Geez, Han unfroze, the Empire was beaten by Ewoks, and suddenly I'm falling for Leia?!?! Man oh Man...Just the door...bell. Oh my god, I pushed it, I'm so terrified. Don't know what to say!!! Oh dear! She's answered it! .............. *blackout* Dez Hokan of Slave VI 07/20/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett needed YEARS of experience to be to best Bounty Hunter in the galaxy.

Who knew he'd try seduction?
Enforcer of Los Angeles, CA 07/17/2007
1 Happy Birthday! My little Bat only for you, I do this! bats of South West Rocks 07/16/2007
2Editor's Pick "Um, I hope you like flowers, I had to fight a Acklay or two to get to them." Cecilia 07/16/2007
2Editor's Pick "Did someone drop these?"
*fan girls all collectively sigh in disappointment*
fairyblood 07/15/2007
1 Slave I computer: That just ain't gonna cut it mister! I saw you with that tramp Slave II over Nar Shaddaa!

Boba Fett: But baby! That was a one time thing, you know I'll always love you...

Slave I computer: You left me in "IN IMPOUND TO RUST!"
Slovok of McAllen, TX 07/14/2007
1 Waiting for his true love to come to the door, Boba wet himself and found a new use for his book. Fett II of Mos Eisley 07/10/2007
1 Online dating never work especially if you are Boba Fett. guywithhat 07/10/2007
2Editor's Pick Yeah, hi. One Singing Boba-gram to a Ms. Leia Organa from a Mr. Han Solo:
*ahem* 'Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
When you wear that slave outfit
I really want you.'
That'll be 20 bucks, please!
Phear 07/08/2007
2Editor's Pick [EU Spoiler Alert]
(Shortly after Sintas is released from carbonite) So honey. I know things haven't been the best. But I think we can work things out. I've changed, you've got to believe me.
Andrew of Minnesota 07/07/2007
2Editor's Pick A desperate attempt by Boba Fett to capture Han Solo... Mando Girl 07/07/2007
2Editor's Pick Few knew of bobas older brother, "Casanova Fett". cujo of oceanside CA 07/06/2007
1 Take this flower or the book, if none then I will karate chop you face and I'll break up with you. Griff 07/06/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett was rather distubed as he found a flower and love poem book on the ramp of Slave I. What was more disturbing was the fact that it was from Slave II... Mel 07/06/2007
1 Boba: Uhh...Hey's it goin?
Rystall: *slap!*
Ryan 07/05/2007
1 Boba: Jabba for the last time I am NOT going to ask Rystall out for dinner for 500,000 credits. I want more than that.
Jabba:You will got out with her.
Boba: NOO!!!
Jabba: NOOOOO!!!
Boba: YESSS...SHOOT!!!
Boba(grumbles and walks away): I'm going to get you back...soon...
Noelle of Cottage Grove, OR 07/05/2007
1 Life ended when the Jedi got mad at Boba and chopped him in two... then made him hold a flower and a book. Mirta Gev of Tapioca, Pudding 07/03/2007
1 Boba:Roses are red, violets are blue, I wish my armor was blue, cause I really want you
Vader: Dude, get away from me now
Boba: What? I was practicing, was it good?
Vader: I guess so, who it for?
Boba: Princess Leia
Vader: No, thats my daughter you cant have her!!
Boba: oo*runs*
Arc Fett of WA 07/03/2007
1 Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow Tucker 07/03/2007
1 This book told me that the deepest expression of love is self-sacrifice and considering that Fett's going to kill me once he realizes I swiped his armor, I'd say this suffices. Emily 07/03/2007
1 Boba: Hey uh.. mary I was kinda wandering if you'd do me the honor of.. No No, Hi mary would you like to go to a movie? no no thats no good either. Sup mary its Boba the Fett the best bounty hunter in the galaxy babe how'd you like to go to dinner?, Okay yeah thats the one, alright (nervous sigh) now lets do this. Jesse Fett of Alberta 07/03/2007
2Editor's Pick Desperate for money due to a slump in bounties, Boba Fett once had a small stint as a Gigolo. Kohdok of Texas 07/02/2007
1 Worst...Job...Ever... Kohdok of Texas 07/02/2007