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Boba Fett Caption Contest #12

58 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 So there are brothers in the future... Mic R N Key of Reno, NV 06/28/2007
1 Alright Guys...Lets Put This Partay, in the ON Position!!! Aaron Stewart of Roseville, MI 06/26/2007
1 Fett thinking: You guys think that you're sooo classy, but you're not, so TALK TO THE JETPACK!!!!! Bambi of Philly 06/25/2007
1 Fett: I know you want auographs, but I can't while I'm peeing! Zee of Philly 06/25/2007
2Editor's Pick When I count to ten those cookies better be back in the jar! One... Cecilia 06/21/2007
1 Boba: "Tell me where my bounty is!"
Man: "I can't! If I tell you, you will kill me!"
Boba: "I won't. I promise to let you go if you tell me."
Man: "Ok... it's me."
Boba: "You can go now."
Darth Maul Clone of Iridonia 06/18/2007
1 left bleu dude to the right blue dude: I think those flying sunglasses are following us rubenfett of Holland 06/16/2007
1 Why are there always people waiting in line behind me when I'm trying to take a leak. Captain Cohl of St. Catharines, Ontario 06/13/2007
1 Looks like Boba's got an entourage. Chris Smith of Flowery Branch, GA 06/12/2007
2Editor's Pick Walk like a man, talk like a man! Mando Girl 06/10/2007
2Editor's Pick Times were tough for Steve Martin. The only roles he could get these days were as extras. He was clearly unhappy. Dave of Cardiff 06/09/2007
1 and to your right, we have the display of Han Solo in Carbonite donated Darth Vader. Som of Ferndale, WA 06/08/2007
1 The more people run from Boba, the more they'll smell when they die! Darth Maul Clone of Iridonia 06/07/2007
1 You guy's are SO mean! I'm not talking to you anymore. **Hmph!** KelSolaar of NORWAY 06/06/2007
1 Fett: Guys, I can see you making faces at my back. 360 degree field of vision on my HUD.
Guard: I hate Mandalorian battle armor...
Twim c 06/05/2007
1 Guard 1: Someone should tell Boba Mandalorian armor is so like, last year.
Guard 2: Yeah, seriously. And check out those guys behind us. All white is so Clone War era.
Valthonin of Miami, FL 06/03/2007
1 Guy in blue on right:I can't believe that I'm being brought in on a ten credit bounty, this is so humiliating.
Guy in blue on left: It could be worse, he's bringing me in because he needs change for the parking meter.
Stormtrooper: Hey Cody, what are you going to get at the snack machine when Fett pays us.
Jenny of Some random place in the universe 06/03/2007
2Editor's Pick "Crap, this isn't Celebration V. Get back in the ship." Fett II of Tipoca City 06/03/2007
1 Damn, we lost Han again. Karson Fett of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 Hey! I get 99.5 here! muffled rock music coming from Boba's helment. Karson Fett of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 Boba Fett with his two new bounty hunters, The comilain bothers, with pisoners. Calvin of Pell City, AL 06/01/2007
1 what? are you sure it's gone ? sam of wolverhampton 06/01/2007
2Editor's Pick I don't get paid enough to baby sit... Slovok of McAllen/TX 06/01/2007
2Editor's Pick Fett brings in his latest bounty: the band members of Devo. msmando of VA 06/01/2007
1 Hurry up! I haven't got all day! green helmeted fett of UK 05/29/2007
1 EEE!!! Did I put my deodorant today? bats of Australia 05/28/2007
1 Are they looking at me? Is my helmet on straight bats of South West Rocks 05/26/2007
1 can I shoot them now because they were bothering me like I was stupid? aaron of losangeles california 05/23/2007
1 I'm going to see my Agent !!!!
This is the Last Straw, no acting skills here
bats of South West Rocks 05/19/2007
1 "Is this the Bespin Star Wars Convention?" Slovok of McAllen, TX 05/16/2007
1 And then Vader put Fett in time out with the others. Nervously Anonymous of California 05/15/2007
1 Guard: Oh right u 2 stormtroopers go and jump that guy in front of us and we'll run
Troopers: oh right hey wait a minute
Kima 05/14/2007
2Editor's Pick Can I keep them? They followed me home. EyeSavedHyrule of farmington, NY 05/14/2007
1 *Boba* "Its a fine day to be in control..." KETforFETT 05/13/2007
1 Boba: Who are these people following me? Aarron Brown of U.K 05/13/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: "This is my entourage." Captain Canook of Fort Collins, CO 05/12/2007
1 Troopers whispering to blue dudes: "If you stand very still it can't see you and it won't kill you!"
Boba Fett to self: "Oh give me a break."
Amanda Lorian 05/05/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: Red Light!
Boba: Green light!
guywithhat 05/05/2007
1 Boba: VADER!! WAIT FOR ME!! great, now I'm stuck here with these losers.
Garuds: Hey, you know you said that outloud?
Boba: I know n00b, no shut up or I will kill you.
ARC Fett of WA 05/05/2007
1 Boba: Great, now I'm alone with those nerds in the blue suits.
Stromtroopers: Hey, what about us?
Griffin 05/01/2007
1 Fett: Would you call it an identity crisis?
Stormtrooper: Maybe, I feel I'm just fading away.
cujo of oceanside CA 05/01/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett and his newly formed band, the Bobettes. The Last Mandalorian of Fort Thomas, KY 04/30/2007
1 Boba: So guys, uh... Is it just me or does Lobot give you the creeps? Dash of CA 04/28/2007
1 Boba (thinking): Hmm... maybe I should get that guide book on how to become a Vulcan... I already have no emotion... Vulcan Girl of DON'T ASK 04/27/2007
1 Oh great...I hope they're not checking out my butt! Deborah of Phx,AZ 04/27/2007
2Editor's Pick Wow, the only place where Boba Fett is not camouflaged and the Stormtroopers are. Enforcer of California 04/26/2007
1 Blue guy on right- Oh geez who let that one?
Blue guy on left- Hey, he who smelt it dealt it dude
Boba and Stormtroopers- Man we're glad we have filters in our masks
Tyson Bradford of Ft Campbell, KY 04/26/2007
1 Fett: "No.....I don't care anymore....If I can't be on the blue team then I'm not playing..."
Blue team member on right: "Yeesh, what a brat!"
Fettish of Slave I 04/25/2007
2Editor's Pick Did I leave my keys in the carbon freezing chamber? Dageen of Troy Mass 04/25/2007
1 Bespin Cloud Guard Dude #1: *Whispering* Since when did we start working for weird bounty hunters who don't even pay us?
Bespin Cloud Guard Dude #2: *Whispering* Quiet you fool... Boba Fett will always be too stupid to know when to pay people.
Boba Fett: *Turns around* I heard that! *Disentigrates BCGD#2*
The True Boba Fett of Tipoca City, Kamino 04/25/2007
1 Guy in blue on right: I didn't know intergalactic bounty hunters were capable of such smelly flatulence.
Boba: I heard that.
James of British Columbia 04/25/2007
1 Left Blue Suit: Listen, before you get shot in the next scene, I just want you to know, I love you.
StormTrooper: What?
Boba Fett: Shut up and let me think a minute.... ok, all we need now is a puppy....
Chris of Los Angeles, California 04/24/2007
1 Boba:"Are those guys looking at my butt?"
Guy in blue to the left: "Are those stormtroopers looking at my butt?"
Guy in blue to the right:"Damn, Boba has a nice butt."
Ryan 04/24/2007
2Editor's Pick I'm going to count to 10 and when I turn around you better be gone. 10...9... Brandon of fall river ma 04/24/2007
1 Say hello to the new Boy Scout Master. draco fett 04/24/2007
2Editor's Pick No no no! Haven't you guys ever seen an album cover? You're supposed to be standing in random places, looking away like you don't care! fairyblood 04/24/2007
1 Boba: 10...9...8... TK-421 you better have a better hiding place than last time! Fetterthanyou of NJ 04/23/2007
1 Bob:*whisper* "Hey Dave"
Dave:*whisper* "Yeah?"
Bob:*whisper* "If Boba finds out you were the one who put the 'kick me' sign on his jetpack you're dead."
Stormtrooper:"Boba Fett why did you put a 'kick me' sign on your jetpack?"
Boba Fett: "What??"
Dave: "Uh, gotta go...."
Gustavo 04/23/2007