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Boba Fett Caption Contest #11

87 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 Oooooo.. Shiny! swgman of west sussex 03/31/2007
1 Dude, my head hurts.... What is that in my head?!?!?!
ARC Fett of WA 01/19/2007
2Editor's Pick It wasn't long before Boba Fett started experiencing the horrible side effects of a strange disease called Dreamphobia. The Unknown of Unknown Zone 04/11/2007
1 OH GOD! I FORGOT TO TAPE SCRUBS!!! AND ITS THE ONE WHERE JD FINALLY PROPOSES! I knew I shoulda just bought the damn Tivo.... Humorbot of UK 01/20/2007
1 were dos boba fett live ryan of TX 03/08/2007
1 There is something on my head?
Did I get it?
Boba Dude of tumwater WA 02/25/2007
1 Oh my head. Ok! Thats it! No more jetpacking through celings for getaways. No matter how fun it is. Tim of Tomorrowland 04/07/2007
1 If you display too much initiative, the jawas will break you down into parts and sell you as scrap... as they do to all damaged or difficult units.
Please, citizens of the Galactic Empire, if you see a droid that shows too much initiative, or is merely broken down, make sure Jawas don't get it, as they will most likely try to sell it back to you. I'm Boba Fett, and this has been a message brought to you by Emperor Palpatine.
[Thunk] D'oh! Damn it, Gary! You took the picture too close to my helmet! How else are we going to advertise those anti-jawa ads if you just photograph my helmet!
Gary: Sorry, Tem.
Clone Commander Cody of Tipoca City, Kamino 01/18/2007
2Editor's Pick Don't do drugs, kids. Matthias Fett of Tipoca City, Kamino 02/14/2007
1 Boba: "Time to listen to some classic rock!"
radio station: "Yes, now it is time to play the fan pick, Jabba ate my Pizza."
Montross: "Now I kill you Fett!"
*Boba is rocking out, not paying attention*
Montross: "What!? Aren't you afraid of dying? Gah! I'm goin' back to Kohlma. Go ahead, eat me you Bando Gora!"
Boba: "Whoa! Did someone say somethin'? Ow well, I was on the wrong station anyways. Man, I just hope Montross doesn't go after me when I'm vulnerable. I'm afraid to die!"
Dez Hokan of Slave IV 03/10/2007
2Editor's Pick *slosh slosh* Great, I got water in my helmet at the pool... *slosh slosh* Fettish of Slave I 02/21/2007
1 There must be some mistake. I can't owe that much child support. Fett Fan For Now of Seattle, WA 01/20/2007
1 " ...And action! oh for heavens sake fett, many many times have i told you not to drop your rifle into the sarlaccs mouth!"
" sighhh!"
green helmeted fett of scotland 02/16/2007
2Editor's Pick I picked a hell of a day to quit drinking. Enforcer of Santa Maria, CA 04/14/2007
2Editor's Pick What a headache... screaming fans, poster signings, Fett action figures... There goes my status of being an "undercover" hunter. Now I'll probably have to sign an autograph before killing a person. Josh of Salem 03/28/2007
1 Holy Crap! My Jetpack Doesn't Work! Hunter of Roswell,GA 04/13/2007
1 "That's the last time I trust a talking car with my Mandalorian armor." Chick Hicks of Radiator Springs 03/12/2007
1 damm it i wet my pants again blasted nerf herder Octavio of pomon/ca 02/07/2007
1 DUDE!........where's my car? SJ of place 01/20/2007
1 Jawas gone wild!!! Strangly I'm aroused. Turtle of phx az 03/14/2007
1 why is the camera suddenly closing up on my head?! yes the actual boba fett of Orange, CA 02/12/2007
1 WHAT?! PARIS HILTON IS STILL ALIVE?? yes the actual boba fett of Orange, CA 02/14/2007
1 Me hungry! bob of ny 02/14/2007
1 "Oh my head, my head... what did I do last night? Oh I remember! No wait... nevermind." TDog of North Carolina 02/06/2007
1 And the award for worst dramatic zoom goes to... Fetterthanyou of NJ 01/18/2007
1 At a most in-opportune time, Fett's face breaks out in hives. matt of new york 03/21/2007
1 yep still got 5 fingers!! rubenfett of netherlands 04/20/2007
1 Unseen Voice: blah blah blah, because insults to the president should contain w as many times as possible and on the periodic table of elements balogna = X
Boba: Balogna = X!!!! ... wait is that why I failed science?
SJ of n tario 02/06/2007
2Editor's Pick Dazed and confused, yet another part of Boba Fett's career. Jim Henson of Mustafar Plains 02/16/2007
1 Why, oh why, didn't I take the blue pill? Fett II of Mos Eisley,Tatooine 03/02/2007
1 WHAA?...Arrgh! Those voices again, damn schizophrenia. darth draco of mos eisley, texas 03/27/2007
1 Ow, my head.. What happened at that club last night?

Woah, I have fingers!

I'm onto you....
Anakin Skywalker of Mos Eisley, Tatooine, Outer Rim, Galaxy of Pie 02/04/2007
1 "Oh no! Not the Jawas! Wait...Aren't they like two feet tall..." James of Missouri 03/13/2007
1 "I got a headache! how many did I captured this week?... I need vacataions." DanDBC of Mexico 04/20/2007
1 Cingular - the fewest dropped calls of any network. Shifty of MD 01/17/2007
1 Sell me as Scrap?!?
I'm BOBA FETT, not scrap!!!!
Pheonix of Mandalore 01/16/2007
2Editor's Pick Whoa... man, I hope my operation went well...
What the-?!!
Those aren't my feet!!!
Chris of Los Angeles, California 01/20/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: Die, Solo, Die!
Friend: Boba! Boba! Are you alright?
Boba: Huh? Oh Damn it! It was only a dream.
The Last Mandalorian of Kentucky 02/08/2007
2Editor's Pick Woah.. Those deathsticks go straight to my head! Roba Fett of Kamino 03/08/2007
1 I had the weirdest dream... about me being an annoying little kid with a bad Aussie accent instead of being a kick-ass bounty hunter... Roba Fett of Kamino 03/08/2007
1 Baba-Fett
kicks-ass!Dude, where am I who am I Why does My helmet say Boba-Fett on the inside of it ????????????
Wild Style of Grnts ps Or. 02/08/2007
1 Boba Fett RULES!!! Wild Style of grants pass or. 02/08/2007
1 capture by design, kill by Necessity jon merdoc of fl 02/28/2007
1 Boba: Ugghhh!
Talking Gecko: Is this what you feel like when you pay for your car insurance? If so, then go to and sign up. 15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance. It's so easy a bounty hunter can do it.
Boba: Hey! DIE LIZARD!!!*Blasts Gecko's head off*
Commander Appo of Fett Land 01/22/2007
1 Fett: "Base! I'm under attack! Send help!"
Base: "..."
Fett: "Huh? Jango! I told you! Stop partying at Montross's and getting drunk! I need help! And a Bud Light."
Jango: "Huh? Whuzzat? Boba? Did you say to aim and fire all weapons at you? OK. Fire at Boba. Geez, I thought he had more common sense than that!"
Dez Hokan of Edmond, Oklahoma 02/20/2007
1 (first box)
Boba: finally my helmet is fixed.
Helmet: A hello would have been nice.
(second box)
Boba: AH!...
(third box)
Helmet:Something wrong??
Sanguis of coventry 03/04/2007
1 wow maybe if I stop drinking late at night I won't find myself in odd places. wait, what's that! Andki of Coruscant 01/18/2007
1 Hello? Bob, you there? Bob????? DAMN YOU T-MOBILE! Anakin Skywalker of Coruscant 02/08/2007
1 oh god...what is the name of that song....this is gonna drive me nuts!!! shogran of cornwall 01/22/2007
1 I know I forgot something.
What was it?
Now I remember! Where'd I put my prisoner again?
Jenny of Concord, California 03/07/2007
2Editor's Pick Ughh! Never tell a Jawa to fix your helmet. Raziel of chicago illinios 01/20/2007
2Editor's Pick Come closer my friend! Closer...closer...wait!!! Too close!!! *Thunk!* Amanda Lorian of Chicago 02/07/2007
1 I think I had too much time in that bar last night.... Kina Diane Hicks of Chasing Cars 04/05/2007
1 Fear I have not! sean of carol stream 04/15/2007
1 man jawas scare me hey! did anyone see that? hey threw a rock at my head!!! lazertagracoon of brockville canada 03/14/2007
1 Ok, thats it. Once i get my Fett-Jawa-Repellent out of my utility belt, those jawas are............ WHERE IS MY UTILITY BELT!?!?! djchicken of austin, tx 02/04/2007
1 Take off the zoom, please!!! Jake Mitchell of Amity, MO 04/19/2007
1 Owe my achin head! What did I do last nigh-"
"What the- Rystall?!"
Dash of Alameda 04/13/2007
2Editor's Pick Baby, just call me 'Stud Muffin'. Cecilia 01/16/2007
2Editor's Pick What happened last night...
What the-? I got a tattoo?
Who's Sarah?
Griffin 01/16/2007
1 Where am I? WHO am I? Gustavo 01/17/2007
1 Whoa, did anyone get the number of that bus? Or was that a sarlaac? Hard to tell.. Mandalore Stargazer 01/18/2007
1 Hello? Hello? HELLO?
I told those stupid Jawas to fix my comlink. now they shall pay!!!
Durge 01/18/2007
1 Oh man, my aching head...I'll never mix Juma Juice with Jack Daniels ever again.... Humorbot 01/19/2007
1 Oh god, what happened last night...... and why is there a wookie in my bed? J Fett 01/20/2007
1 Boba: That was some party...what the-?!
When did I get belly button ring!?
Mando Girl 01/21/2007
1 *Big red question mark*
Hey! The colorist didn't finish! The bottom part of helmet needs coloring! It's freakin' WHITE!
Ryan 01/21/2007
1 ".....What happened last-EGAD! I'M IN A TUB OF ICE!! WHERE'S MY OTHER KIDNEY?!?" Stevey 01/21/2007
1 Holy Crap, my helmet is TALKING!!! IT JUST SAID ".............?" GYAGH! MY HELMET IS POSSESSED! Bob 01/21/2007
1 That's the last time I drink and fly. Bobafan 01/21/2007
1 Ugh! This hang over's going to suck... Oh God. Sintas, what did we do??? fairyblood 01/22/2007
2Editor's Pick Boba: Can you hear me now? Mando Girl 02/03/2007
1 Are you threatening my Unit? Manco 02/04/2007
1 Hey, why is that camera getting closer? anon 02/10/2007
1 What the... how did I get in this suit?
-Boba, far away: How did I get in a dress?
draco fett 02/18/2007
1 Oh...crud...THE DANG HELMET'S STUCK!!! KetFORfett 02/23/2007
1 "Then I'll kill them. I'm stronger than any jawa." Keenan 02/25/2007
1 Aint gettin on no sandcrawler foo' TheMeanBean 03/15/2007
2Editor's Pick Wait, wasn't my car here this morning?? Spotty 03/30/2007
1 ....oh...oh crap...DID I LEAVE THE CURLING IRON ON?!? Phear 04/02/2007
1 "Yeah, thanks for the tune-up, Jawa Guy!........wha? OH MY GOD! WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!?! Ryan 04/03/2007
1 OMG!!! CAPTAIN AMERICA DIED!!!! Bob Saget 04/03/2007
1 Oh, %&$#*! I left my house unlocked! Tito 04/03/2007
1 What the...Kelly Clarkson? Shakira? MC Chris? What di'kut's been screwing around with my playlist?! M 04/05/2007
1 Huh, what the... Hey I didn't know I had HDTV installed in this thing. Sweet. M 04/05/2007