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Boba Fett Caption Contest #10

129 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 the sun can't super nova, *he looks behind him* oh crud. zgx 10/28/2006
1 I am warning you. I am a master at Jitsu yes the actual boba fett of Orange, CA 01/14/2007
1 "Yes I am well aware that I missed, the sun was in my eyes, yeah thats it" Vassili Fett of Michigan 11/02/2006
1 Out of the rising sun strode the man with no name... No wait!! It's Boba Fett!! twizzle of thetford/ uk 01/06/2007
1 I know what your thinking... did i fire 6 shots or only 5? The question you gotta ask your self is, do you feel lucky? well do ya? punk!

What do ya mean im not no Eastwood????
twizzle of uk 01/06/2007
2Editor's Pick Hey, Solo! How's it going down there with the Sarlacc? Tsai of Manila 12/03/2006
1 Boba: whoops! looks like I dropped Han solo again.... True Warrior 10/26/2006
1 Sorry, no walking into the light for you, I have orders to bring you in alive... The Man With No Name of San Diego 12/31/2006
2Editor's Pick Wow, you are thoroughly dead. The Last Mandalorian of Fort Thomas, Kentucky 01/10/2007
1 *Boba whips out a pocket mirror and pretends to comb hair.*
Boba:I look gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.
The Jackal of NYC 11/02/2006
1 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... The Gabe of Mos Eisley Cantina 12/19/2006
1 Lucas - Turn down the lights for god sakes!
Lights guy - sorry i was eating doughnuts
stupidhead 10/26/2006
1 ... Ah **** it, no comment we write will ever do the great Boba Fett justice. Slovok of McAllen, TX 12/23/2006
1 I told you to turn the flash OFF! sj of ontario 01/02/2007
1 Times up wise guy, I want the oreos and I want them nowwwww! SJ of toronto 01/08/2007
1 Boba: Joe? How long do i have to stand like this? You said the Boba Fett Fan Club advertisement would only take a few minutes? Sintas Fett of Ord Mantall 12/01/2006
1 Turn off the light! Turn it off now! Simon Clark 10/26/2006
1 oranorano shooby of Orange, CA 01/11/2007
1 what is that on my shoe?!!? shogran 10/25/2006
1 i told you to stop runnin or you'd trip, but no, you never listen to me :( shogran 10/29/2006
1 eat lead shea of boss 11/03/2006
1 its time to pay the score you dumb sarlacc SGT BOB 11/09/2006
1 I almost pity you enough to not kill you, almost. Sev 12/05/2006
1 Hey Boba! Where did you go? I can't see ya anymore, the sun's in my eyes! Sev 12/05/2006
1 This would be the perfect place to drop spitwads... SDChick of US 10/26/2006
1 I'm sure Yoda was here a second ago, now where's he gone? sanguis rees 10/30/2006
2Editor's Pick The other Jawas would never see poor Jib again. Samyania 11/22/2006
2Editor's Pick What bounties see before they die. Sabe 11/10/2006
1 This town ain't big enoguh for the two.. huh? What, this isn't the line for "Fistful Of Dollars" auditions? Auditions for Star Wars? Why not. Rysan 11/18/2006
1 Oh my god! Oh my god! that sun sure is bright... Ryland of Brevard, NC 12/14/2006
2Editor's Pick As long as the camera stays at that angle, no one will know that Fett forgot his pants. Ryan 10/25/2006
2Editor's Pick Fett: Say your last unintelligible words, Jar Jar.
(Fett fires blaster)
Fett: You're welcome Star Wars fans.
Rodrigo Arenas 08/02/2013
1 What you see is actually my halo of AWESOME. Rizengrad 12/21/2006
1 " 'Caption?'...every g**damn photo says 'Caption?' I gotta get a new photographer. RichardIII of Bloomington, IN 12/06/2006
1 Whose friggin' idea was it to put TWO SUNS ON FRIGGIN' TATOOINE?!? I mean, one's enough for Coruscant, what make sthis outer rim sanbag so special? Reilly 11/02/2006
1 Thats not what I meant when I said get on your knees! Ray Ramirez of ny 11/06/2006
2Editor's Pick Jawa: Uhn tee dee! [Translation-Smille for the camera!
Boba: Kiss my rocketpack, you desert scum.
RArenas 10/29/2006
1 Prepare to be incinerated, Teletubbies. I've been ordered to kill all of you PSP kid 12/05/2006
1 You know what Solo? I like you much better frozen in carbonite. Jabba pays more. Pheonix of Mandalor Sector 01/12/2007
1 Gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) bright sun-shiney day! pheer 11/26/2006
2Editor's Pick Of all the jin joints on all the worlds and you had to walk into mine. Pedro 12/20/2006
1 How the Boba Fett Fan club sees Boba. ;D ;D ;D Null Eleven of Empire at War 11/14/2006
1 Who's that coming? He looks he is a sinister figure. Never mind, it's just Boba Fett NinaMolina of Amarillo, Texas 08/25/2013
1 The real reason Fett fell into the Sarlaac.

God: *Takes out magnifying glass to sizzle Boba.* Har har.

Boba Fett: You've forgotten one thing. *Turns around.* I possess... ARMOR ALLOY. *Heat rays bounce off.*

God: Argh!

Boba: Ho ho!

God: Hold the phone... *Targets jetpack.*

Boba: *Has malfunction from intense heat and falls into Sarlaac.*
Morbus of Yuma, Arizona, U.S. 10/26/2006
1 Who wants some? There is plenty for everyone! mike of Chicago Il. 12/14/2006
2Editor's Pick Deer hunting... Boba Fett style. Mereel of Kal's bunch 11/16/2006
1 Boba:Yeah, I'm gettin' kind of hot in this suit, so can you please wait 5 minutes and I will come back and kill you after. Sound good?
Victim: Yeah, I guesss
Boba: Make it ten, because I really want an Iced tea
Victim: Hey were't you supposed to capture me alive?
Boba: Yeah, but you're getting kind of annoying
ME of New Jersey 11/28/2006
1 Boba: I'll be back.....with weapons!!!!! Mando Girl 10/30/2006
1 Boba: I hate bugs *kuhchic* *BOOM!* Mando Girl 11/02/2006
2Editor's Pick The Jolly Green Giant doesn't look all too Jolly at the momemt... Mando Girl 12/23/2006
2Editor's Pick Name: Wicket
Species: Ewok
Status: Fried
Mandalorian Killer of Alexandria,VA 12/05/2006
1 The sun...sooo hot...need water! The glare off this armor doesn't help either! Mandalore Stargazer of Mandalore 10/25/2006
2Editor's Pick The reason why Boba Fett never removes his suit is because he is really sun burned with that suit in that sun. lucas DBC of Mexico 11/02/2006
1 Stop begging, my armor is heating! lucas DBC of mexico 11/24/2006
1 "Crap, run" is right, sucker! Lord Revan 10/26/2006
1 I am Boba Fett. I am the most feared bounty hunter in the-Ah! Ow! God, that sun is bright! Loki the Stampede 11/24/2006
1 boba: so your the sorry pice of scum on my shoe
scum: yes I am, so what are you going to do about it
boba: (what should i do what should i do I GOT IT)
scum: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
boba : I knew that it would work if I burned it off
scum 2: honey im home
kir canose of ohio 11/10/2006
1 boba: so your the sorry piece of scum on my shoe
scum: yes I am, so what are you going to do about it
boba: (what should i do what should i do I GOT IT)
scum: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
boba : I knew that it would work if I burned it off
scum 2: honey im home
kir canose of ohio 11/10/2006
1 '...and he rose from the heavans and spoke...'
"can i have a bounty hunter special?...uh with a coke"
ketFORfett 11/04/2006
1 Why yes...I am a god ketFORfett 12/09/2006
2Editor's Pick I'm walking on sunshine, whoa whoa! Keria Fett of Ord Mantall 11/06/2006
2Editor's Pick License and registration please. Have you been drinking tonight, sir? Ken of Vallejo, CA 12/14/2006
1 Fierfek i am soooooooo hot!.
No,wait that came out wrong.
Kandosii Mando Verd of Splinter Squad 11/12/2006
2Editor's Pick Marty, I thought I told you to turn the flash OFF when you took the picture. Kaine 11/02/2006
1 Oh great.... I stepped in Bantha dung Justin of NY 10/26/2006
1 Did i step in gum again? says boba fett joe of Jenison, Michigan 10/25/2006
1 Man, it's way to hot to be killing. Joe of cloquet, MN 12/07/2006
1 Pwn3d. jim of new york 11/15/2006
1 A bounty to end all bounties. Jeff of Ryloth Fueling Station 12/22/2006
1 Hmmm, beautiful day... well, time to go to work. Jake mitchell of Amity,MO 12/29/2006
2Editor's Pick Hmmm.... beautiful day, well, time to go to work. Jake Mitchell of amity,mo 12/29/2006
1 You know, Dad should have installed sunglasses. Wait...nevermind Mr.Sun went bye-bye! Jack of Lafayette,LA 12/23/2006
1 Make you're daddy proud! Hunter Fett 11/02/2006
1 Ew, Jabba what did you eat?
Man these are my good boots!
Hatake Kakashi 11/12/2006
1 "Ok, who turned my rocket pack upside down this time?" Harsh of Indiana 10/29/2006
1 "Heh. Damn, I'm smooth."
"Whoa! Big shadow. Cool."
Harsh 10/30/2006
1 so, sarlacc, we meet again... han 11/01/2006
2Editor's Pick Did anybody see the size of that chicken??? Gwood of Melbourne, Fl 11/04/2006
1 I didn't give you permission to die yet soldier. Walk it off and get back in there! Guy 10/25/2006
1 ugh i stepped on something slimy!!!! Gustavo 10/26/2006
2Editor's Pick oh my god i found a quarter! Gustavo 10/26/2006
1 hey i stepped on some gum!!! Gustavo 10/27/2006
2Editor's Pick this is one of the many reasons boba fett kills so many people - the sun is in their eyes. Griffin of IL 10/26/2006
1 This is what you get for cheating in The Game of Life. Greg of Telos IV 12/19/2006
1 A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... [gets knocked down by Boba Fett] Craig: Aww damn it Boba! I was starting a story, and now this crap! Grr.
Boba: Sorry, asshole.
Fred of Cloud City 12/19/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett takes advantage of the early-morning sun-glare to get in front of the rush-hour traffic. fettesvette of Philadelphia, PA 12/11/2006
1 I told you not to shoot at the thermal detonators!!! Fett Up of Sterling, VA 11/16/2006
1 Director: Fett, move a little to your left...
Fett: Like this?
Direction: No... your other left. Ah, there; you were blocking the light.
Fett fan 11/30/2006
2Editor's Pick [Squish] ...Well, my day's ruined. fairyblood 11/11/2006
1 God_Mode:Set_On Enforcer 10/31/2006
1 I'm Fett, Boba Fett. draco fett of the Milky Way 11/02/2006
1 Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Boba! DJchicken of Austin, TX 10/25/2006
2Editor's Pick With the Oompa-loompa rebellion at it's height, Wonka had no choice but to hire the best... djchicken of austin tx 11/30/2006
1 finally, christ that guy was stupid! Devin Heinle of Sidney, MT 11/18/2006
1 T...T is for TERMINATED Dead Already of VA 12/03/2006
1 It seemed Jesus wasnt the only one to get a kick ass Halo. "And let it be told that he shall cometh on the 3rd dayth and vapourise ur assth!" Dave Dawson of England 01/09/2007
1 Ahhhh lovly morning for a bounty hunter to take a stroll Dave of Surrey 12/23/2006
2Editor's Pick EE-3 BlasTech: 474 credits
Mandalorian Armor: 17000 credits
Jetpack: 882 credits
Being the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy: priceless
Dash of Alameda, CA 12/10/2006
1 gah! sun... in... my...eyes... darth squishy 11/07/2006
1 "Bantha poo dooh..." DaGanstaMan of USA, MO 11/22/2006
1 I told you what happens when you spray paint Slave I Cyber Fett of Lousville KY 11/26/2006
2Editor's Pick What the CSI saw when they zoomed in on Han's pupil in a photo. Cory of Colorado 01/02/2007
1 Oooohhh!! I found a shiny nickel! Commander Appo of Kamino 12/03/2006
1 boba fetts armor is jangos armor painted over exept the cape and the braids are from bountys chris jackson of michigan 11/29/2006
1 Badass pose #14: AWESOME!! Chris 10/25/2006
1 bobas visor does NOT block the sun.Boba:ow! chris 11/17/2006
1 All your gun are belong to us.
Man, I am SO cool!
Chris 11/20/2006
1 *crying* Mommy! Those guys said I looked funny! Chris 12/12/2006
2Editor's Pick "I told you you wouldn't get away with spraypainting Slave I, punk. Ready to pay?" Cecilia 10/25/2006
1 Don't head to to the light! Boba's waiting for you there! candyyyyy 12/07/2006
1 boba: midgets love taking pic's of me brett of florida 10/25/2006
1 Ewww a shiney new Nickel! sweet! im going to go get some Juma Juice now! Brandon 10/25/2006
1 Fett - DAMN! can't shoot staight with all this glare!
*SFX Blaster firing*
*Girly shriek from crowd*
Fett - Sorry Mr. Lucas! (hehehehe))
Boba Fett Fan 11/09/2006
2Editor's Pick Don't go to the light!! Boba Fett of Tipoca City, Kamino 10/30/2006
1 Boba: Hey! This sun is warm on my back!
Boba dude of Some where in BFFC 10/26/2006
1 hey whats on my shoe? oh my god bantha crap boba 11/10/2006
1 I'm bringing sexy back bob 11/15/2006
1 You gonna eat that? bob of ny 11/26/2006
George Lucas: "Brilliant!"
*Boba points blaster at George.*
George Lucas: "Um, I mean, CUT!! Let's Try again, people..."
Belton 10/25/2006
1 Jawa: Should've went with the Gucci sunglasses. Atinvod 12/26/2006
1 Boba:What did you ay boy!?!
little kid: I said you look funny!
Boba: I'll give you a 5 second head starr before I shoot you!
Little Kid: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (Runs away as fast as he can)
Boba: Stupid little kid.... Bang
Little Kid: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (Falls on his face)
Boba: Retard, I did not even shoot him.
ARC Fett of WA 10/27/2006
1 Boba: My name is bond, Ja..... wait a second.
Director: Just say the lines Fett!
Boba: But it should go like.. My name is Fett, Boba Fett.
Director: (sighs) bring in James Bond
ARC Fett of WA 11/14/2006
1 Man, I hate those wamp rats. anonymous 11/20/2006
1 remember kids never look into the sun wthout the patented boba sun helmet. annon 11/13/2006
1 say hello to my little friend. Andrew Fett 01/10/2007
1 boom! and another one bites the dust. Andrew of colorado springs 01/05/2007
1 After the escape of the sarlacc pit I've been afraid of the... never mind. Alex of Reno, Nevada 11/27/2006
2Editor's Pick Boba Fett: Say hello to my little friend. Adam of Edmoton, Alberta 10/26/2006
1 the suns not going 2 kill u, i am. Aaron Stewart of Roseville michigan 11/13/2006