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Boba Fett Caption Contest

Boba Fett Caption Contest #1

21 funny, serious, and often very creative fan-contributed captions for Boba Fett images. Add your own.

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Please Note Caption contributions are subject to review or deletion without notice. Posting is moderated and therefore not in real-time for the benefit of being appropriate for our audience. Kids, all fart jokes are ignored. Creative captions get a star.

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Editor\'s Pick Caption Author Date
1 Jango fett: I hate u Lucas u kill me off.

Lucas: it wasn't me it was your sons idea.

Taylormccoy of Atlanta 09/26/2013
1 The NEW crminals on the top of the Most Wanted List! Have you seen this jedi and bounty hunter? call 333-555-3456 Mr.Muppet of IL 03/09/2006
1 There! Right there! The guy with the Spock ears! Get him! Darn those Trekkies... Nathan N/A
1 As you wish... Now pay me, you gray-haired loon! Nathan N/A
1 One thousand credits says I can hit Jar-Jar from here. Grizdiesel N/A
1 5,000 credits says you can't shoot that little spec in the distance that might be a bird. Cecilia N/A
1 Is that a, its just a Geonosian. Yes Mr. Fett. Ben N/A
1 Jango, thats the Jawa thats been sneaking into my Ranch! Get him! Danny N/A
1 Hey, is that meteor heading right for us? Chelsey N/A
1 Which side did you say you wanted your parting? Ozz N/A
1 Yeah... there he is. That guy who has a problem with the seater. Blast him. Helen N/A
1 So this is what they do to people trying to leak the scripts... N/A
1 I told Mccallum I was in charge of this movie-now he's left me no choice Jon N/A
1 Lucas my son had better be in episode 3 or ill blast your head off Andy N/A
1 when you have a clear shot, take it...jar jar binks must pay. Matt N/A
1 ...yeah, over there, headed this way. Looks like a gigantic hole in the ozone la- Nick N/A
1 And that little guy right there, he's my son, er, clone. Boba Fett N/A
1 Now, the best camera shot will be at this angle, right when the twin suns hit the dune sea. Right about... NOW! Dash N/A
1 That's the fan that always asks so many things! Blast him!! Al N/A
1 Look at that amazing sunset. Alex N/A
1 Yes, right there, Jango. My crediblity is just in sight... Open fire! Eric N/A