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Artist - Boba Fett's Conceptual Artist

Conceptual artist for the Star Wars trilogy. His paintings communicated George Lucas' vision of Boba Fett and the other bounty hunters to the rest of the film's art department. Ralph worked with Joe Johnston on the design for Boba Fett's armor.

Origin of Boba Fett

"I was sitting in a meeting with George, doodling on a piece of paper while taking notes. He was talking about Hoth, and I was thinking about a costume for that. When George saw this sketch, he said, 'that would make a good bounty hunter. Develop it and make it a guy with all kinds of gadgets on his suit -- rockets and so forth -- to defend himself with.'" -- The Art of Ralph McQuarrie (April 2007)

White Armor, Brown Poncho

Several of McQuarrie's paintings also feature Boba Fett in both a white armor and also in a Western-style brown poncho. This look was not used either for the film production.


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