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|Jango Fett stunts
|Jango Fett stunts
|[[Dickey Beer]] and [[Glenn Randall]]
|[[Dickey Beer]], [[Glenn Randall]], and [[Bob Yerkes]]
|[[Return of the Jedi]] stuntmen (uncredited)
|[[Return of the Jedi]] stuntmen (uncredited)
|Boba Fett falling into the [[Sarlacc]]
|Boba Fett at and around the [[Sarlacc]]
|[[Duwayne Dunham]] and [[Alan Harris]]
|[[Duwayne Dunham]] and [[Alan Harris]]

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Here is everyone professionally involved with making Boba Fett the character he is.

If they've made a significant contribution to the look/sound/etc., they belong here.

Anyone we're missing? Login, edit, and update.


Name Appearance In a Nutshell
Jeremy Bulloch The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi The Original
Daniel Logan Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars "Young Boba Fett"
Don Bies Return of the Jedi Special Edition (uncredited) Boba Fett flirting with Jabba's dancers
John Fass Morton The Empire Strikes Back (uncredited) "Bespin" Boba
Mark Austin A New Hope: Special Edition (uncredited) Boba Fett with Jabba in Mos Eisley
Nelson Hall Return of the Jedi Special Edition (uncredited) Boba Fett walking by in Jabba's Palace
Temuera Morrison Attack of the Clones Boba Fett's father, Jango Fett
Scott McLean Attack of the Clones (uncredited) Jango Fett stunts
Dickey Beer, Glenn Randall, and Bob Yerkes Return of the Jedi stuntmen (uncredited) Boba Fett at and around the Sarlacc
Duwayne Dunham and Alan Harris 1978 Boba Fett screen test (uncredited) White prototype Boba Fett armor models


Name Appearance In a Nutshell
George Lucas Created Boba Fett
Lawrence Kasdan Co-wrote Empire and Jedi
Andy Mangels Created the Jaster Mereel origin story
Daniel Keys Moran
K.W. Jeter
John Wagner
Kevin J. Anderson


Name Appearance Year(s) In a Nutshell
Jason Wingreen The Empire Strikes Back 1980 The Original Boba Fett
Temuera Morrison The Empire Strikes Back DVD and Attack of the Clones 2002, 2004 Re-recorded Boba Fett
Don Francks Star Wars Holiday Special 1978 Boba Fett
Alan Rosenberg The Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama 1983 Boba Fett
Ed Begley Jr. Return of the Jedi Radio Drama 1996 Boba Fett
George Buza Droids cartoon 1985 Boba Fett
Joe Hacker Dark Empire I and II audio book Boba Fett
Breckin Meyer Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes 2007, 2009, 2011 Boba Fett
Chris Cox Rogue Squadron III video game Boba Fett

What about Gabriel Dell? As it turns out, he was incorrectly published in Topps Star Wars Boba Fett magazine as a voice. But it's not true and a correction was issued, we're told.


Name Appearance In a Nutshell
Joe Johnston Designer of Boba Fett
Nilo Rodis-Jamero Designer of Boba Fett's Slave I
Ralph McQuarrie Concept Artist of Boba Fett
Norman Reynolds Drew the Boba Fett blueprints
Brian Archer and Janet Stevens Built the Boba Fett prototype
Sandy Dhuyvetter Painted the Boba Fett costumes
Ben Burtt Sound Editor and hosted the prototype Boba Fett video in 1978
Cam Kennedy
Dave Dorman

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